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pisces man and aquarius woman

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    i love my pisces man i would say that im an aqua thats sorta differs from my peers in a sense of my emotional attachment i feel asthough i am the more attention driven spoue where as my pisces man seems to like his space or either im interpreting this as space needed when hes actually holding in some resentment towards me because i gave our child to my cousin to adopt because i already had a 2yr old son and at the time i was not financially mentally or emotionally stable to care for him as i should and she had alwayswanted kids and was unable to produce them so i felt i was blesing her me and her are very close and i often get to see my child and he is in my life i. if i knew for sure a first that my pisces man was the father and that he would be there my life would be soo different and probably more fulfiling but since i went with my heart and love for my family member i now feel i sacraficed my happyness. was i wrong for what i did in my pisces mans eyes eventhough i asked his permission before i made my decision? he evensaid we could have raised him together which you can imagine literally broke me into pieces so much so moved away from him out of fear of his resentment but we kept in touch long distance and tried to make it work i ended up sending him 450 dollars to fix his car out of guilt but it never seemed appreciated he really wanted 500 i could only send 450 because that was my last bit of money i had. did he really ask me for itout of spite? well fast forwardto this year im back in the same town as him and we have rekindled our relationship which faded while i was away but our passion for eachother has remained we recently spent a whole night n day together which felt magical i feel he might be over the baby situation and even told me he wants to marry me one day and that we will get engagedand that he feels our love is special and that he actually feels i migt be his soulmate of course it also due to the fact tht i over compensate for his need for attention but i think its because h knows hes got me right where he ants me i ont know what to hink he can be cold when we r apart by not responding to texts when i have tried to spark meaningful conversation but when we are together all is forgotten and our love takes over this makes me ahte being away from him so itry to adjust as much as possible to wat ever he wants my question really is am i hurting myself by staying or should i wrk harder to show him i truly love him n that really dont want to live without him at damn near any cost. in this day an age as a young black woman most of the reason i gave the baby to my cousin is because i assumed he woul want that what should i do?

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