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Pisces Man and Scoprio Woman

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    I really dont know much about zodiac signs, but I was wondering if someone could give me some advice. I’m a pisces man and I met this scorpio woman about a month ago. We’ve talked quite a bit over text, but we haven’t hung out yet. The reason for that is because she is sending me mixed signals. One day she will be really nice and will flirt with me, but other days she will be the opposite or won’t reply. Anyways, I think I really have a connection with her and I think that she would be a great girl to have a relationship with. The only problem is the mixed signals. That’s where I need your advice. I want to know if she’s worth going after, or not. If she is, why do you think she is giving mixed signals. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this and I appreciate any advice that’s given.

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    Iam a scorpio girl………. im gonna tell you my experience with a pisces guy (hoping that gives some insight). The first time i met him was when i was 16  i think, met him at the mall and he asked for my number it was an immediate attraction. However we were young and it didnt work out well. That ended. However years later, about 4 or 5 i ran into him again. I realized right away he wasnt the same person he was years before and gave him another shot (for we all can make mistakes when we are young ). I think the thing that killed our relationship was his distance. It seems pisces need their space (private time to theirselves), much like us scorpios do. I cant speak for all scoprios, i can only speak for myself as a scorpio. I know i felt strongly about him and even connected somehow (i think thats suppose to be due to the water signs in us). But when he would go into his “alone time” it would drive me nuts, it was great when we were together but him going nights and not responding to me really bothered me. Me as a scorpio girl, if i feel like i cant trust you (in this case) i dont try and stick around much bec im not waiting around to get my heart broken. Scorpios can usually read relationships clearly, but it gets blurred and a bit confusing SOMETIMES in our own relationships. Pisces men are not the easiest to read or werent for me, and that scared me, not knowing pushes me away:/ It MIGHT be she isnt able to read you clearly and fears you may end up hurting her. The only way to prove you want her is by going after her, telling her exactly how you feel about her and the things you want to happen between you two. And then prove it, show her. If your just aloof about it she wont stick around. She may be just protecting her heart right now with not responding to you some days, could be those days shes upset with you and is avoiding an arguement, or scared of showing her own emotions bec she is unsure about your feelings for her. You not seeing her yet could be an issue as well, she may feel like you have someone else around (scoprios being naturally suspicious and all lol ), or that your just not that into her. Best thing to do is to hang out with her and feel her out that way. Being water signs you should get a better understanding of her and her you by simply being around each other. Just texting (in my case) wont be enough for me to stick around. The pisces i dated would make plans, id get all dressed and ready, then hed break them or talk about breaking them then (after we argued) end up going without me. This was a HUGE problem for me, especially if i was excited about going and got all dressed up etc to go no where. I would not talk to him for days after this. And when we did talk i didnt always explain why i didnt talk to him for a few days (not saying i did the right thing, iam aware of my own child like ways now, but back then i was not). 

    The only other issue this could be is shes just not that into you, again the only way to know for sure is to hang out and be around each other. You need to feel each others emotions. Me being a scorpio if im not that into you i will simply tell you in the nicest way possible, it could be something like “i think we make better friends” etc. However i do have a friend that is a scorpio girl as well who is pretty honest BUT she does lead other guys on by giving them hope they could be together, when in reality he is just the “back up plan”. Meaning if it doesnt work out with so and so she will give him a shot. But she doesnt lie that shes into someone else. If she doesnt wanna hang around you then id give her up and move on, if she does and will hang with you (me being a scorpio, again not saying everyone as a scorpio) this is normally a good thing. Again in my own case as a scorpio the more i wanna be around you means i really want to make this relationship work. Oh and again me being a scorpio, iam more into hanging out at your house or in a private setting, not so much hanging with your friends or in public places. Hanging at your families house is ok though, shows us you really like us, bringing us around them:) Just hang out with her, only way to really know whats what. Then post again if you need more advice, id be happy to help in any way i can:) Good luck:)

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