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Reconnect with him or not?

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    Your site is amazing and very helpful but i still have some questions. I’m a female capricorn and he’s cancer.. We had been talking for 3 weeks but because of some problems we had like the age barrier(he’s 20 and i’m 15) and the fact that he’s going abroad to study made me make up my mind about this whole thing. and i told him that it would be better if we stopped talking. But i really regret that because i still have feelings about him. It’s the first time that it feels like this- so intense. Anyway i would do anything to have him back But i dont know the way because i’m the one who said to stop it and i dont know if he has moved on with his life or if he’s hurt Or if he still has feelings about me. What do u think i should? should i try again or let this go away?? 

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