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    im a capricorn n my fiance is cancer….well evrythng was like a princess stori but after a year he is only self centerd abt himslf..he dosnt care abt me n is least bothered abt my feelins….i dnt knw wat to do i luv him a lot n dnt wana loose him…but i dnt wana go against me principles n values…v both r stubborn n i wnt him to cum back to me…i dnt knw wat to do

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    khushii replied:

    A Cancer man can never be selfish and uncaring. Its against the rule of his sun sign. If your fiance is behaving in such a manner, it just means that he himself is hurt badly deep inside his sensitive heart and most probably the reason is you. You have to leave your stubbornness and communicate directly to solve the problem. Cancer is usually secretive so never expect him to take the first step. This will work!:)
    Trust me I am a Capricorn and I have some very best buddies who are Cancers.

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    Your problem has no “quick fix” and astrologically speaking, you are just going through a difficult phase. Transiting Saturn aspects your natal Sun and is moving through 8th house from Moon.

    My suggestion would be to relax and stop worrying about future. Things would greatly improve in a couple of years but don’t kill your present with unnecessary fears.

    There is no need to change yourself (actually you can’t change yourself except a shift of beliefs and attitude) and forcing yourself to do things you can’t. Just be yourself.

    At the same time, DO NOT try to fix your relationship. The very act of fixing simply means Love isn’t there. The more you try to mend the walls, more your mind knows relationship is dead. Same is the situation with the other person.

    Love follows different rules — the more you clinge to it, the less it stays with you. Let go and surrender and you get truck loads of it 🙂

    So just relax and let go. Spend more time learning about Love and Life, and I am sure you’ll see signs of progress.



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    @ khushi…he doesnt wana talk to me..evn he hears my voice he jst disconnect his call..i dunno wat to do..even i feel to sit back n see wat happens…its tru i cant change my slef…its all his mistake but he jst dnt wana accpt it…he sttrtd ignoring me n strtd doin all da baddie stuff ……he jst kpt lyin to me…i dunno wat to do..i luv him but he is no more that compassionate as he usd to be….its his thick skull tat dstroys evry confrontation tat i have wid him…he is always negative n thngs tat im tryin to push him away frm me..wich i’ll nvr evr do…pls i need hlp i jst dun wana lt him go…i jst cant live without him….so pls little hlp here is appreciated….if i talk to him again he will again cum to his former self n will lie again abt evrythng..i wnt him to speak da truth rather than just lie to me about evrythng;;;;n he after lyin he blames evrythng on me….it jst pisses me off….need hlp….. badly need hlp….

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    You can’t change him either… on top of that planetary alignment is not at all favorable for you. That’s why I asked you to relax, and for the time being pay attention to other important things in life like your health and hobbies.

    Love is another name for patience but there is no need to suffer unnecessarily. After the darkness of night, sunlight always comes.

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    i guess ur ryt..its my mum who is forcing me to talk to him…i tld her to wght but she keep persisting me to talk to him…..i’ll jst sit back n frgt him for a while…thnx for ur help…really appreciative


    i am ankit. i want t0 know about my love horoscope?

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