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    I am 34 yrs old woman ,married 4r abt 12yrs.Hv a son of 9yrs.My hubby[mostly stays abroad in work concern] is  never interested on Me,nor has any affairs i hope.Bt myself involve with a Scorpio Man of 31 yrs.He is extremely Honest & possesive abt my being.He would never ever marry & rather he gives much of his time & support 2 my son & even at times 2 my hubby .So can u plz suggest me hw 2 carry on with my love & family life together.


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    That happens sometimes. Enjoy what you have in present, why worry about future. Avoid so much of confusion and uncertainity. Time itself will reveal the path.


    Ask Oracle…….Thanks .Very Cool & Easy solution.I know der is no oder way dan doing dis .I really liked It .Feeling better & relax hearing dis  🙂


    psychicdom………Thanks & Very True .Your written line….(otherwise that would be cheating on your husband).dis thought keeps recalling bac & at dis point i keep feeling guilty .At the begining of my extra material affair ,i did planned 2 move out with my son &  stay with only one of them [my son  is com4rtable with both person],Bt circumstances pushed me to Todays position where i am nt able 2 leave anyone [specially I cant shock my husband at dis age ,who is 10yrs senior 2 me ].So i am in a confusion abut everyones future ..Bt watever happens ,at any cost i will surely do my part in bringing up my son SINCERELY..

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    @rumi1812gmail-com There is no need to push yourself into guilt. By doing that you are only attracting worse situations. We create what we really feel. That’s why I suggested to relax and leave it to Life.

    The very truth is that guilt is unreal. You are making it up and its unnecessary. Take a look, things just happen in human lives. Just like Sun rises by itself, Love happens too. The more you keep feeling negative, the more you are alienating people and love from your life.

    Marriages are really man-made insitutions and the laws vary from society to society. In Ancient India it was perfectly okay to have multiple partners, nothing wrong, its not a matter of logic. Love just happens. You just need to accept that Love arises on its own.

    It would have been great if your husband knew about all this, but it appears that you two didn’t have great chemistry from the beginning. In any case, you don’t have to reject your husband deliberately and any seperation need not bring emotional hurt to anyone.

    Actually the real problem will begin only when your other partner wishes to take this relationship to the next level, and start a family or something. If that happens you can plan out carefully and take months to tell entire truth to everyone. I mean it need not be shocking and sudden but gradual, in steps. You can slowly make up an environment that will fit your needs. That way everyone will be able to accept easily and there will be no emotional hurt.

    And since the problem only exists in your mind, you can forget about it and go on enjoying life.

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    @rumi1812gmail-com I found that you are also seeking improvement in verbal skills and health.

    I suggest you try daily pranayama and meditation. You can also take up yoga nidra etc. This will also help with your current problem.

    Actually these practices will calm down your mind, so you will have no unwanted thoughts/guilt etc.

    Secondly, they will also improve your awarness. With improved awareness, you will have better control over tongue and voice will become more deep, soothing and loving.

    Finally you can also get your loved ones to do it and soon you’ll find gradual decrease in all conflicts and problems. Joy, compassion and forgiveness will rise and significantly raise the quality of your life.

    Try it and be blessed! 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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