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Scorpio getting in the way between Libra and Aquarius

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    I am a Libra woman and even though I am not together with an aquarius because right now we live very far away from each other, we work together for the same company and we were very close to each other for a very long time last year, we used to talk and communicate a lot, at work and outside work! Always from the distance, though.

    We had a period some months ago where we no longer talked to each other, per his request, after we had had an argument and a bad phase in my life. We were very close to having a relationship previously and we spent so much time getting to know each other that it’s been hard not to be able to speak anymore, but in the last couple months we were just about to get closer and started taking again and slowly get closer again (just within a work context) and it seemed as though we were really starting again where we left off.

    Until this scorpio showed up in his life, an ex who was horrible to him in the past, cheated on him, she’s all about showing off her body in pictures, jumping from man to man, just so different than me, but he seems blind to that and now they are in a relationship, so you can imagine how shattered I am.

    This is something I really do not understand as me and him have great communication and understand each other perfectly, but of course I am away, while she is physically there luring him. How can he have liked me, me being the exact opposite of that scorpio?? Many of his friends warned him that it is not going to last since she is a bad person, but he is stubborn. My company is transfering me to where he is based very soon, so let’s see what happens then. What is your opinion about all that?


    if there is one thing Scorps or rising Scorps like to do is steal another womans man… it’s a challenge to them.  Just show your man your Libra charm and don’t stoop low as she is… if he meant for you he will come back.


    Thank you jojo53! I hope so too as I am a good person and while what brought together me and him was something beyond physical attraction and lots of communication and understanding each other, that scorpio is all about showing off sexually and… I don’t like that trash, I like having charm and class! 🙂 She’s just not a good person seen what she’s done in the past to him. I didn’t know this peculiarity of scorpios stealing another woman’s man, but looks like you’re very right, she just showed up as we were about to come closer again! Thank you again for your reply!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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