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    I am a Scorpio woman who has a Scorpio boyfriend.  We have known eachother for years but over the last 2 years we ‘saw’ eachother and he was very off and on but about 4 months ago we caught up with eachother and managed to get together properly.  He said he had missed me and realised he did love me.  I loved him anyway but have never let him know just how much the on and off thing tore me apart.

    Since we have been together the last few months, it has come to light that he has had a few sort of ‘online’ things going with a couple of ex’s.  He hasn’t actually met up with them but talks to them on good old Facebook – he made the mistake of leaving his account open and I had a peek at his messages – wish I hadn’t sometimes but at least I know what I am dealing with.  We are a proper couple now and I know how he feels about me.  He found it hard to commit before because of past hurts but he is committed to me.  However, one of his ex’s does text him and keeps popping up on Facebook, liking everything he posts and leaving cryptic postings on his wall – like a sort of “only we know what we are talkjng about here” stuff.  Is it likely that my Scorpio man would cheat on me, he seems to have so much respect for me?

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