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    A scorpio man who cheated on me.

    And God knows how many women he’s involved with before me.

    He is loving, responsible, driven..those I agree. Very caring indeed. and such a sweet talker he is, I almost made my mind to spend the rest of my life with him. But I found out all his lies he’s been trying to hide from me, though he thought no one knows the truth except him. I know he truly cares for me…but that was when he’s lonely and now that his eyes are set on another woman (since we’re on LDR few months ago)….I don’t know if I can believe the loving words coming out from his mouth anymore…I wish he’d be frank with me and let me go instead of cheating like this. A good friend, a good person, a kind heart (I’ve known him for quite a while), I just can’t believe such person who appears so beautiful from the outside is a unfaithful man. I love him so much and it tears my heart and I feel half of me is dying, but I guess it’s time to let go before it kills me. I wont expose his lies because I truly love him but I can’t tolerate them anymore, and the fact that he still acts as if nothing happened and keeps on lying breaks me more…I know it won’t be difficult for him to get another woman. His strong and driven personality is charming to many, I believe. Sometimes I wonder if he will always get away with his lies like this….

    I need your kind support or advice, if you don’t mind :’)

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    I am to in the same situation now. Have been together with a scorpion guy for 8 years. Recently I have found his betrayal, actually plenty of betrayals. Some of them are just for sex, some of them are relationships. He was always loving, caring, he treated me like a queen all the time, we got engaged 2 years before, and wanted to marry next summer. I was totally surprised when I have found his cheating, actually I knew about some of his lies before but those were the ones easy to forgive. I am depressed, feeling like falling down. He was my another half, and Im asking myself too: ”How he could do this, when he was one angel, one loving, caring, commited and loyal person”. How when he never appeared like one cheater and was always agains cheating :(. I’m going really through hard period now.. Btw I’m virgo and have never cheated on him.

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    Grace, i looked at your profile, saw your a taurus right? So what i did was looked up the compatibility of a taurus female and a scorpio male. Heres some things it said (that sound alot like things you spoke of):


    A Scorpio man in love with a Taurus woman adores his lady like a goddess. He knows how to love and respect her but never let her forget that he is the Man in the relationship! He has a passionate way of loving and protecting his lady love and provides her with the best of the things available in all aspects. He makes her feel special in a way no other man can make someone feel and also spoils her with lots of pampering, good food and best fragrances available with such a taste of music that makes her tap her toes. He is like a strong mountain, keeping her untouched by all problems and society evils.

    That kind of reminded me of how you spoke of him. (above)

    Not sure if this is the problem in your relationship or not (below)

    This relationship begins with a bang and most likely is long-lasting but problems may arise for this couple when Scorpio man slowly reveals the deeper, inner side of his personality that he tries so hard to keep hidden from the outside world. On the surface, he displays only his cold, calculating reason and his deeply instilled practicality. These are things that Taurus woman is happy to embrace, since she values rationality and sensibility above all else. It is when the extremity and severity of his convictions come to light that she becomes wary. Even the stubbornness and blind prejudice of her creates issues for him who has a tendency of dominating in the relationship. If both of them are ready to co-relate their problems and talk it over, there is a good chance that these two find their way resulting in a happy ending.

    I dated a scorpio male once (iam a scorpio female) the thing that broke us i believe was that we fought for control in the relationship. And i believe that is why he eventually cheated on me with a very beautiful girl who allowed him to dominate the relationship and they lasted a very long time. But honestly your best bet is doing a birth chart analysis of both of your compatibilities, that should be much more accurate then the simple taurus vs scorpio thing. Because i know some scorpio males that are far less dominating then the one that cheated on me. He may care very much for you, he may be confused, only he really knows why hes doing what hes doing, but regardless of anything………..regardless of signs………….regardless of how sweet he is to you, it does not make the cheating ok. There is obviously a problem, if you want to try and make this relationship work i feel you need to speak to him about this, ignoring this issue won’t make it go away. He doesnt deserve that much from you honestly, he doesnt deserve you if he is unfaithful, and how will you ever be able to trust him if you stay with him? Dont make yourself miserable for the rest of your life. My best advice would be to get your self out of this situation and move on from him. But being that iam also guilty (in my past) of not taking that advice, the only other thing you can really do is talk to him and tell him the things you know in a very calm and gentle manner. I don’t believe it will stop him (bec it sounds like hes gonna do what he wants to do), but with any hope maybe he will be mature enough to care. I wish you the best of luck!

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    Zanche 88, iam not 100% sure if the relationship between a virgo woman and scorpio male is similar to a scorpio woman and a virgo man, however i can say one of the greatest bonds ive had in my life was with a virgo male. Virgos help calm us scorpios down (temper wise ). There was a little bit of a control issue (with my experience with a virgo), this is a problem for scorpios…………. if he feels your in control he MAY be cheating etc as his way of having control. Im not saying that is 100% accurate, im just making a guess based on my own experiences and readings. I have found so far that virgos are some of my all time fav people:) The only other issue i have found would be that the virgo didnt always pay me the attention i longed for and had at times put himself in the “friend zone”. He was a VERY hard worker and very dedicated to any plans he made with friends co workers etc, and this would annoy me bec i would drop everything to be with him, he could go weeks not see me and yes i know he missed me but it would upset me bec i was not ok with that lol. I can say out of all the people ive ever known he prolly knew most my secrets and life stories, i dont think i could ever trust anyone as much as i trust and trusted him. It does state in your compatibility this:

    Virgos and Scorpios both love to be in control, and prefer to make everything “perfect.” This can become a real problem when the couple cannot agree upon what perfection is. From time to time, it will be necessary to use their powers of effective communication and put love before all else in order to work things out .

    Life will not always be a breeze for this couple, but they have what it takes to weather the storms together and survive the winds of change. A Virgo woman and a Scorpio man make a great match if they commit to one another and the goal of being together.

    The Virgo woman will need to understand her partner’s sensitivity and be less critical.

    (i can say the virgo i knew did push me away at times with his criticism, there were times i did not feel like i was good enough for him:/)

    Using my experiences and this info im hoping it might shed some light on things for you. I dont know your scorpio males birth chart to know all his qualities………but if your relationship is anything like the situation i was in, as long as you (virgo) are not alloof, and you get all emotional (like us scorpios lol) and talk to him……. im hoping things could change around for you. If you make that sacrifice and things dont change then hes not worthy of you either. Good luck:)

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