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    wht is the difrence of sex & romance?

    Ask Oracle

    You haven’t provided any specific criteria or more details with your questions so we can’t give you a specific answer.

    But yes romance is commonly understood as initial excitement and emotional fantasies in the beginning of a relationship generally a male and a female relationship. So one can say its the fun part at the beginning of any relationship and just like no two people are alike, feelings and experiences also vary from person to person. But usually this initial excitement dies sooner or later.

    Sex is a very natural act to have some fun and procreate. Almost every living entity on this planet has experienced it once. That’s how you and I were born at first place. One doesn’t need to feel romantic or any specific emotion in order to enjoy sex.

    When one has romantic feelings for someone, these feelings could be about sex and fun but not necessary. Like I said every person is different, their emotions and desires are also different. Human life is a very complex phenomenon and its worth exploring each and every dimension of it.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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