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Should a Taurus woman stay with a Scorpio man?

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    Hello I’m a Taurus woman who is dating a Scorpio man. Things were okay for the first four months of dating,but he has commitment problems so when he finally decided to committ things went well for a week or two but then he started to show his serious Scorpio traits where we had about 5 arguments and then he found out I badmouthed him,we broke up,i begged for him back and when he finally gave another chance things got worse. there is such a deep love between us but he wants to wear the pants too much in the relationship and since he has trouble trusting me, we’ve literally fought every other day. I know that his trust is needed to be gained back but when we argue he is real passionate in the arguments,very spiteful towards me yet “loves me”. Very mix messages I get and i’m not sure whether I should wait out for things to get better or leave. I’ve never had a better love like this one but also a more painful one. Help?

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