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Should I get back together with my ex boyfriend?

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    I have been split up from my ex (Leo who is also a Leo) for about ten months now. We had only been going out for two months before but I really loved him and we got on so well. I broke up with him when I went to uni because he wasn’t making an effort to stay in contact with me and I didn’t think he was mature enough to handle a long distance relationship. I had a few romantic encounters at uni but nothing significant until I met this boy called Peter, two weeks before I was due to go home. We got on really well and had some great times but it was quite clear that we’d never see each other again because I was going home for the summer and he wouldn’t be at the same uni as me next year. Now I’m back for the summer and I’ve met up with Leo a couple of times. We stayed good friends and have kept in contact and we still get on just as well as we did before, even saying that we love each other (as friends). I told Leo about Peter so if I ask him to get back together with me will I seem fickle and will he feel like second best? I really want it to work this time around and if he said yes to taking me back I really think we could be happy. Should I go for it?



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