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Should i wait for Gemini guy to approach me?

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    i am a Gemini female and unfortunately keep falling in and out of “love” 🙂  Anyway, i recently met a Gemini man whom i find really attractive – intellectually and emotionally. I can sense that he finds me intriguing too, but it took him quite a while to even notice my presence – something i’m not used to! This despite my making attempts to talk to him a couple of times. He started noticing me only after i gave up on my attempts of making friends with him.

    Now, this man doesn’t live nearby, and it’s unlikely that we’ll easily run into each other. The only way i can see any progress happening here is if i actively seek him out. Tell me, would that backfire on me? After all, i suspect Geminis lose interest when things come to them too easily! I would appreciate any advice from Gemini men out there. Or anyone at all, as I just can’t make up my mind!

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