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Still seeking answers regarding a new relationship

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    I am just going out of my mind wondering if my current and very recent love interest is actually goint to let his guard down and fall lin love with me?  He is thee most special man I’ve ever known. I honestly didn’t know men like him still existed and I am overly joyous about our relationship which is not progressing as quick as I’d like.  Of course, honestly, I am very impatient, however, this not knowing his true feelings is about to send me over the edge! Please oh please, someone respond to this posting! 🙂  I cannot stop thinking about this man.  I am feeling very obsessed and I am not sure if that’s only because I am Sagittarius and it’s one of my characteristics or if I truly am head over heels in love with this man.  He is an absolutele ANGEL.  That’s what I keep telling people. That I’ve met an angel! He’s so utterly amazing and I am having an extremely difficult time not blurting out EVERYTHING that is in my heart and mind right now.  I’ve already written him about 3 or 4 pages worth of my thoughts and letting him know what kind of person I am and have been all my life because I am also bipolar and that may be affecting my mood right now as well.  Just please somebody give me some kind of advice or something to tide me over an help me control myself here! LOL 🙂 Thanks if you indeed try to help me! ::)

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