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stranded in love

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    ok, im a little hesitant to post coz i know ill probably get “move on” answers.  but i need to vent and im looking for a spark of hope even if its a slim to none chance. . i have been dating a pisces guy born march 7. we have been going out without labels (our own choice) for a good 8 months now. he recently left for about three weeks to see his family. now after two weeks since he’s back he told me that he has been thinking if he wants to take things seriously now as we have been together for a long time. and he said that he knows that i am already expecting and he said that he still couldn’t see himself having a girlfriend right now and he cannot see himself going on like this anymore. it all or nothing right now, and now he decides he just wanted to be alone. he was teary breaking the news to me and asked how i felt.  i was shocked as i never saw it coming. he was the one who was always on me and always communicates with me and now, this. i dont understand why i was so hurt as i have agreed on our set up before. he was always the one thinking maybe we could be somwthing in the future and now he has decided about it so suddenly. he was crying as i was. i asked him if he wanted to to stop seeing each other and he oaused and said maybe in a couple of weeks just to see how he would feel without me. that night he held me tight to sleep and in the morning when i left we didnt talk to each other anymore it has been one week. i care about this guy so much. and i cant do anything about it! ieven though i would like to talk to him and ask to try again i cant bring myself to do it. i have to control myself because at this situation i know he’s the only one who has the right to make a move about it… im an aries.

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