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study in canada

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    Hello sir,

    my personal details are as follows

    name:- Vineet Chauhan

    D.O.B:- 28/04/1990
    time of birth :- 01:55:00 AM

    place of birth :- Nangal Dam(PUNJAB)


    i have completed my this year

    now i have applied for a post graduate course in CANADA.
    i’ve already got my offer letter from canadian university.
    It is my childhood dream to go and study in canada.

    My problem is that i’m very confused and scared that am i taking the right decision of going to CANADA

    will this decison prove useful and fruitful for me in future ?

    would i be able to earn lot of money in order to support my family in every possible manner ?


    please guide me in every manner possible.
    it will be very nice of you


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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