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Taurus man and Scorpio woman

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    I’m deeply in love with a Taurus it started last year with a hug I didn’t want to end. But I was already dating a someone at that time and so was he. The fact that I never really saw him that much made me think about him even more but everytime we say each other he would hug me and that made me happy. It wasn’t untill this year when I realized that I was falling for him. We started dating may 11 we were hanging out and someone asked if we were dating and he said “only if she says yes” so of course I said yes. For a week I’ve been in bliss thinking about him all day and night but then he tells me he needs to think about weather he likes me as a friend or more than a friend. I kno I didn’t do anything wrong I’ve been taking it slowly giving him long hugs and kisses and being patient with him. So I let him think. I left him alone and he left me alone. Until yesterday I finally texted him about what’s he’s thinking about and he reminded me that I haven’t lost him he just need to think and our first date is this Saturday. I just wanna know what i need to do to keep him interested because I know he gets bored easaly. And I want to keep him entertained without being too overwhelming to him.

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