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The Capricorn And The Virgo

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    This year I met a beautiful girl. Shes a Virgo, at first it was hard to get along with her and we argue at times like husband and wife considering we’ve never actually gotten together. See I love her and lust for her at the same time because I know within me deep down that she’s the only girl I have my eyes on and will be the only girl i’ll have my eyes on you might think I’m just talking rubbish and also thinking you moron there are other girls don’t lay your heart out for just her, well the area in London where I live there actually isnt. My problem I have is she once said to me that she loved me called me her baby and made me feel like the beat thing in the whole world I know she meant it as well I can’t exactly describe how I know this but let’s just say its an indescribable feeling along with why I can’t describe why I love her so much. It’s been 8 times though I’ve been friend zoned by her and I don’t know what to do I started again as acquaintances with her because it didn’t seem right that we had such an uncomfortable past. We can’t forget one another either because regardless there will always be one of us that goes back to the other. Recently she was with a 19 year old guy who I know for a fact only wanted her for one thing. Yeah that’s right. Sex. she’d be drawing him tattoo’s righting constant things about him and lying to her mum and not even telling her dad about who he is, thing that broke my heart is I gave her flowers and a card for her birthday and planned on asking her out, yet although she knew this guy longer i ended up crying my eyes out for a good few nights about why she chose him rather than me, I couldn’t care about sex at all the common stereotype where I’m from is that all black boys do is fuck and chuck girls I’m still a virgin for fuck sake… then I lost hope I thought there was no point in me keeping in contact with her then she went with another older guy who’s 17… and every girl knows him because he’s famous for fucking and chucking girls… and now that they split up because I’m assuming she witnessed this boy has like 10 relationships at once she took her anger out on me saying I’m just like him… you can’t even be just like someone Im my own person… sometimes I’m lost I feel that if I rush in I’ll be settling for less but when I wait and just let things go slow it feels forever 🙁 I just want her to be happy as a Capricorn even though apparently we’re selfish I’d always put her first like I do with my mum and family because I love her that much I mean of course though my mum still comes before her but I just want things to go well and need help 

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