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This Man i like which is a Libran does he like me back secretly?

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    HI there My name is April this year in July i started working though im not currently working now, when i started there about 3 months into the job i started liking the supervisor. I know this might sound stupid but Im allready in a relationship of 5 years going on 6years and i love My partner to bits. Me and my old supervisor are still friends and we still text eachother but just as mates is there a possibility that he may have feelings for me why he use to always stare at me numerous times. And theirs been a incident where im walking past and i happen to look back and catch him staring at me then quickly looks away. Ive even walked out to go home after finishing work and i turn back at the office window and i seen him leaning back on his swivel chair eyes fixed on me as i walk away and even stare at me from a distance. we had smoko together and he sits right next to me and we use to chat. Ive caught him heaps of times ever since i started there. And also im just wondering if the King of spades represents him having Air predominating in his sign being a Libran age 47. ive done some readings and a black king kept popping up, and eversince then i just couldnt get him out of my head. Please tell me whats going to happen next.

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