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Trusting a capricorns word.

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    So I’ve been talking to this capricorn for about 6 years now. We’ve always had a super big thing for each other, but I knew he was a player (past/badrep). I never let my gaurd down with him and that pretty much put a stop sign in anything further accurring. I would try and be in other relationships but I would always go back to him always. so in order to get ride of him I had to be a little bit of a bitch for no reason but to move on from him (felt I had to move on to have a real/serious relationship) so I kicked him out of my life. Even me doing that he kept coming back and coming back. The last relationship I had was with a Virgo and he completely ruined my life. I’m lucky to be alive. Again my capricorn man came back and we got to talking again. I’m trying to overcome some trust/jealousy issues …My capricorn man made some very good points about us and what are relationship could be, if I could just let it happen. I admit to not being open about us because of other things and feeling like it wouldn’t work. My question I suppose and i’m sorry if im rambling is should I put aside my feelings about him, to let him have a chance. I almost feel like I already know the answer. 

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