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Trying to understand Scorpio Man.

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    I`m a Taurus woman, and I met a Scorpio man about 6 months ago. We have only been seeing each other for a few months, however he`s very difficult to understand.  To make a long story short, here is the situation I am facing at the moment:  When we`re together everything is great and we have a really good connection and strong chemistry.  However, when we`re apart, he seems distant and doesn`t call. (I askl myself is it over?) Until we meet up next time at the club, the connection starts up again. Last week we met up at the club, and at the end of the evening he wanted me to go to his place, but I refused to go because earlier in the evening he had made a few comments about me that I felt hurtful. So we each left on our own.  The next day, I called him (just to hear from him if he had anything to say), we spoke about 5 min. and he asked me if he could call me back in about an hour because he was watching a program. I waited for his call, but he never called (its over a week now). I assume he felt rejected that evening, so he`s giving me back the same rejection.  2 days later I decided to send him a text message reading as follows:  “Hi, I`m sorry about the way the end of Saturday eveing turned out. Hope you realized that the comments you made about me were very hurtful.”  (he didn`t reply, but he never replies to text msgs).  This Saturday, I am planning going to the club, and I don`t know at this point whether I should ignore him or act normal. But I don`t feel I should be the one to approach him, he should.  Can any Scorpio (man or woman) give me some advice whether this relationship is worth continuing?  He seems to be a lot to handle and maybe a big heartache in the end.


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