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Very much in a difficult relationship situation….please help

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    I am ‘hanging out’ with a friend of mine’s little brother (he is four years younger than me) we have been aquantences for 11 years, at my friend’s birthday party this year, sparks flew. HE is a pisces man who was so sweet and passionate the first night and dropped all of that soon after. Me being a Sag women see so much potential in him that he doesn’t see. He is a man of few words but important words. Anyways my large issue is that there is a little bit of a distance between us geographically and I tend to be the one putting in the effort to come to him. I am starting to feel unimportant to him but I tend to be blunt and harsh and I don’t want to start a fight when there isn’t one to be had.



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    He d kinda man that loves 2 seem like they re d 1 4 u, just 2 get d present. Sori am harsh but am in d same shoes wit a pisce man. Am a virgo lady. Its hard 2 walk away bt I think its d only way, if he cares u should b important 2 him. Gud luck!!!

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