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Virgo man and Sagittarius Woman

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    well lets see i’m a virgo and shes sagittarius this girl is my best friend for sure. i can tell her anything and the same goes for her i trust her and she trust me we are very close. the thing is that i as of late have begun to have feelings for her. i don’t know exactly how to deal with this because well i don’t want to affect our amazing friendship in a negative way but i feel like i should jump up and take a risk. what should i do? should i stand in the shadows and let these feelings dimmer away or rise up and make my stand? help!

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    Be really truthful and honest to her and yourself 🙂

    The very fact that you are “uncomfortable” sharing each and every of your feelings with her indicates something. And problably this is totally opposite of what you are trying to create… a deep loving and comfortable relationship.

    Its not about risk or fear of anything, its about love and being yourself. There is nothing wrong in freely expressing your feelings to her in a non-demanding, non-controlling way. Love exists in freedom and happiness.


    i thank you for replying i really do appreciate this. it helps alot to be honest thanks again 🙂



    well hello again if you see this anytime soon please i could use some advice..well the other day i out of the blue i felt like a completely different person i was more energetic than i had been in a long time. i was being very active so active that i asked her to the movies 🙂 haha the good thing is that she said yes. but first i went to her house and i showed her affection that i normally don’t show because i feel that i might do something that she might not like or be weirded out (i know always thinking to much :/) by she did nothing but giggle about it. as we were hanging out at her place we got into conversation and it was going smooth. the way things started out with her and i just seemed like the day was gonna go the way i hoped. well around 7 or so we left her house and headed back to town to see what time the movies began. surprisingly the last showing for the movie was at 9:15 so we had time to do whatever and we went to my place. on the way there “our song” came up; you don’t know her like i do by brantley gilbert. we giggled about it and smiled. when we finally got to my house we were just talking and she got the crazy idea to play xbox lol she was just horrible so of course i helped her understand how to play i placed hand on hand and showed her how to play. we did that for awhile then we just went to the movies well at the movies this is where i completely just chickened out. The way i saw was that she wanted me to hold her hand but i just couldn’t get myself to do it like could the fact that she kept rubbing my arm with hers mean somthing? or maybe when she moved her hand next to the arm rest where mine was? i really don’t know but i felt like i need to man up and just do it. the whole movie i argued with myself. i kept telling myself to do it just go for it the worst thing that can happen is that she pulls away then you know that isn’t want she was  trying to do. well the movie finally got over and i didn’t do it…i really felt like an idiot. on the way back to her house i was honestly beating myself up in my mind i can’t believe i couldn’t do it. ugh! well when we got to her house i walked her to her steps of course and i told her that i had a good time and she replied the same way. then we hunged for a good while and as we let go i slid my hand down her arm and she did the same at the end our fingers were touching. holding each others hand slightly not to much and she looked at me and i looked back and guess what i did..i said by and walked away…she smiled and said by….i had a feeling that i should have kissed her but i’m not sure. i just don’t know what exactly to do..and today i saw that she was in a relationship with this guy that she dated earlier that year..the thing with that is that it never said she was in a realtionship before so i assumed that them two were done. Now i’m confused. are they dating or not? was what i thought happened the other night nothing? i’m just so darn confused! please what should i do??

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    Iam a scoprio female, In my own experiences with a virgo man, being that he never made a move on me and it was just conversation for years i had no idea he was SO into me, i liked him and thought i had flirted and made it perfectly clear lol, however he didn’t think (found this out recently) that he stood a chance with me. I eventually gave up on him and dated someone else. I had no idea (until recently) how virgos were, and how important friendship is, which btw is such an admirable trait:) I just had no idea thats how virgos were years ago and believed he just wasnt THAT into me:/ Chances are if she is all of a sudden showing up as “in a relationship” and wasnt before, well first question is are you sure she doesnt mean with you (maybe she could have got ideas after the whole movies thing). Most likely thats not the case bec you virgos are confusing sometimes lol, just making sure is all. So if its not meant “in a relationship” with you, then my best guess here is she feels like i felt years ago, thinking your just not that into her (in that way). And she may have moved on and found her someone else:/ Because if this other guy made his feelings clear to her its easier for her to simply go that direction. Also you may have taken things so slow that she put you into the friend category (which is not such a great thing with most girls, for some yes but not most), for putting you in the friend category (again not all woman, just some) it means thats where you will remain always:/ My mother is a sagittarius, (not sure if this is a sag trait or not) but she normally ends up with the more dangerous guys, or the ones that bring all kinds of excitement in a fast pace kind of way, she doesnt take her time like the virgo i know. So basing this on my own experiences, you may have lost your shot (for now), may not be forever. My best advice to give (and this is not easy) you need to be straight forward with her on how you feel and explain how you do the whole friends thing first before proceeding into a relationship. My mother (being a sag , again not sure if this has anything to do with anything) loves to be swept off her feet and to feel special (that could be alot of woman actually lol). You being completely honest with her COULD make her completely head over heals for you, you taking that stand is extremely sexy. But if she doesnt feel the same way, i realize you could end up feeling awful about saying anything. But let me ask this, whats worse to you? 

    1) telling her how you feel and finding out she doesnt feel the same way, and all that comes of it is friendship 


    2) not telling her and living the rest of your life not knowing what “could” have been, and watching as she continues her life with who ever, and that will make your life tormented wouldnt it?

    You dont have to pour your heart out if that helps ease this for you, you could simply say that you were wanting to hold her hand at the movies but chickened out and see her response. If its nothing that sounds like she wanted the same thing then you know right there your more than likely staying in the “friend” zone (for now at least). I wouldnt go and pour my soul out at that point. But if she acts like she wanted the same thing (holding hands) thats a good start for bringing up feelings. If shes just started this relationship shes in, this is better timing before she actually falls for the guy. Once my mother (sag) falls for a guy its like an act of god to tear her away from him. Hope this helps some. Good luck!

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    p.s. not saying you want to tear (tare?) her away from someone else, but if she felt like you did and he just happened to be there at the right time , its easier to save everyone heartache by knowing things sooner rather than later, thats all i meant:) Dont dwell on this for the next month:P thinking about what i wrote and whether you should do this or not ……… i know how you virgos are;) Worst case scenario, you find out she doesnt feel the same way, fine then you dont have to live life wondering what could have been.

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    p.s.s ok just re read what you wrote one more time and paid closer attention to this part:

     “today i saw that she was in a relationship with this guy that she dated earlier that year..the thing with that is that it never said she was in a realtionship before so i assumed that them two were done.”

    This same exact thing happened to me omg, when i thought the virgo guy didnt like me i went back to my ex:/ Which turned out to be disasterous. But its where i felt comfortable because i knew he did want to be with me, whether he treated me like dirt or not:/ Sometimes (not always) it makes us feel better to be wanted even if its with the wrong guy, rather than unwanted by one you know is a good guy and you have feelings for. This may not be the case for her, that just hit me like wow when i read that again. Again good luck!

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    Hi there!!! I had dated a Virgo man last year and though he seemed very likable and down to earth, he was a liar and a coward….. fom my experience, i dont think relationship between a Sagitarious and Virgo lasts long…

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