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virgo woman and sagg man

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    i am a virgo and i met this sagg guy, super cute. we met the first day i started my new skool. ok um like the next month he asked me for my number we texted n such n by the end of that week we kissed (i knw thats bad). turns out he likes me n i like him too but he doesnt want a relationship, he claims that he chooses to be single. another time wen u were kissing i asked him if he thought of me more than just a friend since he liked me n his reply was “to be honest i really dont knw” like OUCH that hurts… anyways he takes all this as ‘friends with benefits’ n im not in all that……. Obviously i think i should just move on cuz it doesnt make any sense chasing someone that doesnt seems like their goin to stop runnung.. any advise

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