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Virgo woman and Sagittarius man

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    Well it is hard to explain everything. We are really good friends, ever since this year, we became better friends after he learned I was crushing on him from a friend who wasn’t supposed to tell him. I was suprised he didn’t ignore me afterwards, later on he even told someone who asked that he liked me and was thinking of dating me. Then later he decided not to and ended up dating my friend who is also his friend, she is a Taurus woman. My friend knew I liked him, but too afraid to tell her that I felt slightly angry. He still shows that he likes me, and I am trying to stop liking him and stay friends, yet I will still like him. I just don’t know what to think of this, and if he ever really did like me or if he will ever be with me, until then just rather be friends. Opinions or advice on this? I can’t stop being friends with him or anything that is plain mean, he is a very kind guy at times.

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