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Virgo Woman Libra Man. Going out?

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    Hi,I am a Libra man who has only been in one relationship with a Taurus his whole life.  I spent 4 years with her and I have been single for about 4 years.  I haven’t dated at all in the last few years and just been working and seeking a little help.

    I recently went in April for Greek Easter with my parents and met a beautiful and very sweet Virgo Woman by the name of Erin.  We showed up a half hour early to the restaurant and she came over and talked with us for about 30-40 minutes.  We went to dinner and my mom kept telling me to ask her out so I decided to write down my number on a paper saying “It was a pleasure to meet you Erin and keep on smiling :)” and i put my # down.

    Three days later she texted me and we started texting back and fourth for a few weeks.  Great conversations we had, but it was hard due to her 7 day work schedule.  She lives an hour away from where I live which isn’t to bad for me.  At first i mentioned we should get together to go for a hike and she seemed very excited and happy to say “yes.” 

    The day before Mother’s day I took my mom to the restaurant for dinner and she was there and I gave her a movie she wanted and she loved it.  She was busy working as a hostess so my mom and I just kept eating and talking and as we were leaving I walked up to her and I told her “I know your busy and I don’t want to bug you to much.”  She apoligized and told me to please bug her and she introduced me to her roomate/best friend who is Greek like me and we all started chatting a little.  I told her I’m going to get you out one of these days and she responded yeah for sure we can go to Santa Cruz or something, which made me feel good.  She told me to text her later and we talked a little more.

    Two weeks went by and I decided to drive out there to drop some flowers off at the hotel to have them delivered to her work and within seconds of recieving them she texted me “Oh My God!! Sunflowers are my favorite!!!! Your so sweet XOXO.”  Which made me feel like a million bucks because I haven’t felt so good making a girls day in a long time and I like this girl a lot.

    We talked a week later for awhile and I have been trying to get her to go out with me for awhile, but everytime I mention it I never hear back, which makes me confused.  I am a Libra and it has been three months of me being patient and sometimes I just want to ask her is this ever going to happen or am I wasting my time, but I know with Virgo Women they like to take time and stay busy.  So any help would be welcomed.

    It is weird because I REALLY like her a lot and it is weird to feel that way about someone considering I haven’t really been out on dates or talked to someone that made me feel great just chatting with in a long time.

    She has been kind of distant in the last two weeks and I ‘ve been cutting back on texting “Hi” every 3-4 days and “How are you doing?”  I sent msg a week ago on a Sunday and she said she was sick so I told her to feel better and the last text I sent her was a week after on how are you doing and she got back to me after 2 days. “I’m doing good? Busy! U?”  and we talked a little about 2 days ago.  All her texts are usually super ethusiastic sounding with her saying “Hi!!!!!!!!”

    Sorry for the long description just been seeking some answers because it is very confusing.  Don’t know how to read into it and I am a nice guy, but I lack experience so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    Thanks a lot

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