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want a way into her heart

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    I saw this girl last year in her college…well you can say met her in jinx..saw her and that few seconds were the best time ever I can was like a moment of hysteria, everything was paused and all i heard was her laughter, felt a pain, knew it was love at first sight. Since that dayi have searching her on the net by typing her college’s name opened whatever directories i could. Nothing seemed fruitful. A few months back while browsing through a friends’ Facebook account saw this girl. That moment I thought its a miracle. Sent her a request. And after a few days I sent her a message telling her about whatever happened that day, what happened to me and what I fee for her. Well it was well written long love letter. Few days later she replied “I really don’t know what to say with a smile” and as we can check the time of reply, so after 15 minutes she Says “I understand, am already in a relationship”. I’ve been praying googling everything about our compatibility and things. Sent her another message, but have’nt got any reply thereafter. She is a Scorpio and, I am a pisces. Made a few friends(female) of mine read it. They sincerely said that was the most romantic thing they have ever read.

    well I need some serious help.          


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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