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what is the scorpio guy thinking?

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    So I’ve been seeing this guy (scorpio nov 10, 1990) for over a month now. our connection was great it started a tad bit intimiate . Always stares & calls me beautiful hes .sweet and calm . Of course he ignores me so I got up set & said I would leave him alone ..& he said no just relax. While being intimate I did catch him saying a couple of things like” I feel like I’ve know you forever” … but when I addressed it he ignore it … so I gave him his space .. we end up talking again he’s shared things like he brother getting out jail soon with me & wish his brther would move closer to him . Shared his nickname… with that being said we bacame close. He had no money for food I brought it for him. When his pride was n the way to pick up certain medcines I went out & got it for him. We were always intimate & he loved it sex wasn’t great but I just loved the connection we had together . my feelings started to get deeply involved . So I told him that I had to stop seeing him because I was ready for love. & he replies “I understand” . I just couldn’t figure out if he liked me or not. & I did not want to invest in anymore time if we weren’t on the same page . But now that I’ve done it I miss him soo much more then I ever had .. I’ve been dreaming about this man everytime I fall asleep sometimes 3 times a day. & It becoming an everyday thing. So now I think I may have made the wrong choice . What do you think I should do? Do you think he likes me ? Am I overracting. & if this helps I’m Taurus May 3 1992.. oh & recently he told me he was going out of town & I wouldn’t hear much from him but I took it as he only told me so that I wouldn’t text because he was seeing another female . But he says he has poor signal that’s why he told me & he did not want me to be mad .. but I don’t know if I believe that

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