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when i’ll get marry

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    hey.. am virgo women and fell in love with scorpian man.. 

    He is also love me but we didn’t express our feelings now how will i propose him?? may i or not ?? Or i should wait for his proposal ???


    Scorpian men always wait on the women to make the first move,,, i think you shoul go out to a nice dinner and speak to him and ask him how he would feel about getting married. always look at his reaction if it negative then you should know that he dose not want it butif hr answers you right away and gives you a possitive answer then you  gcan goo ahead and ask him. in my opinion i would never ask a guy to marry me even if i knew that i wantted to spend the rest of my life with him i also do know that it is the new generation and that is what women do these days but if he dont  ask then it means that he is iether afraid or he just is not interested at all. so all ii can say first find out where you stand with him. it wont hurt but ask him he has thought about it as yet….. they are shy and always wait on the women.



    Good Luck!!!!!!


    When will I get married??


    when i get marry?


    The man im madly still in love with is a virgo man. Im a leo woman, and we have started talking as friends again. Long ago i was told he was my future husband. I live with another man i love him but  im not in love. Will i marry my virgo in the future? And what do i do?


    when i will get married?.


    when will I get married 


    When will i get married?

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    when will i get married


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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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