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who to choose, or is there even a choice?

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    after leaving a very passionate but destructive 5 year relationship , i have a met another man, we have been dating 11 weeks and even though he is sweet compationate and all I asked for as far as values go, he is very introvert and Im struggling to connect. I guess i am in conflict with making a choice for mine and my childrens security and the need for being metally stimulated by the man I choose to spend my life with. he is offering everything on a platter but its all about connection for me  and Im struggling with what to do, is there a possibiltiy he will come out of his shell more( his star sign is cancer too ironically enough) and a connection will develop, I am very bored atm… on the other hand I have been chatting with a man who I have great chemistry with but he is 6 years younger without children and Im not sure if anything can come of that, but he seems to be the one I am drawn to.I guess my question is really about where to go from here?  I am a clinical hypnotherapist/reiki practioner , to give you some insight into me. 

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