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Why do some guys who really like a girl, not act on their feelings?

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    there’s this guy I like and I know he likes me but he doesn’t act on his feelings, like he won’t make an effort to talk to me, I send him facebook chat messages he always replies but never asks me questions back or initiates first, when I see hipage seems all nerand stuff stuff,like he is a confident guy with other girls etc, but around me he goes silent, seems shy, sends mixed signals. I asked him if he wanted to get to know me and he said ok and I know one thing for sure he is an honest guy, but I said if not just say so but he still said ok, but when I asked him again if he wanted to do something he said he was busy, but yet despite making up excuses he shows interest when I see him. He always takes glances at me and stares, when with his friends he acts as if he hates me but when they are not around he smiles etc. but still stares when with his friends, he never used to wave, but now he does, one day I walked past him and his friends and I said hi, his friends said hi, then he did but with his back turned, had his head down looked nervous. I am just so confused??? It seems lmuch maybe cuz he likes me so much he is scared about how he feels or is still unsure so dust does nothing or doesnt want his friends to know, maybe he never felt like that before??? 

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