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Will I get Lots of Money? How will I get?

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    What happened Dear Oracle no reply for my problem, You did not give me solution or any powerfull line to chant to make my wish come true???

    Please Oracle give me the powerfull line na. Acyually there is one oppurtunity where I could win Lottery but the thing is that I don’t receive the money into my account on top they only ask me to pay money to receive money into my account.

    Please Oracle please give me such pwerfull line so that I can receive that money into my Bank Account directly without any charges applicable to me. Please Oracle hope that you will reply to my question at your earliest because this chance has come to me again that they have told me that they will transfer the money into my account BUT only they asks me to pay some charges which I don’t want that way. I WANT THAT THE MONEY SHOULD GET TRANSFERRED BY TOMORROW ITSELF INTO MY PERSONAL ACCOUNT WITHOUT ANY CHARGES APPLIED TO ME. i SHOULD SEE THAT MONEY INTO MY ACCOUNT BY TOMORROW ITSELF.

    Please Oracle give me some powerfull line to make this succeessfull Please reply me soon please.


    What happen Oracle please reply na, Really there is an oppurtunity of getting lots of money through Lottery but to Receive it into my account I want some powerful line so that it will be succeessfully Credited to my account, Please Oracle this is the last chance where I will be getting the money and because you are not replying me with the Powerful line I may loose that chance and oppurtunity.

    Please Oracle please everything is depended on you, Please give me the line please make my life please give me as soon as possible I dont want to loose this oppurtunity which GOD has given me and you will be the person to make it happen.




    What happen Oracle please please give me the Lines I am very much in need of this money I want money very urgent. Really Oracle I dont want to miss this oppurtunity please Oracle please give me the line urgently.

    Please have some mercy on me please


    Seems to be that I will not get any powerful line from you Oracle. I am writing everyday and checking everyday thinking that you must have replied me. Oracle I did nit wanted to loose this opportunity but you are not giving me any reply ORACLE. why when I am in very big problem you don’t reply me? I was having so much hopes from you that you will surely give me some powerful line so that my wish could come true. Please Oracle are you really not going to reply me anything or give me one powerful line to chant to make my wish come true faster. Oracle I did not want to loose the opportunity but this opportunity is depended on you only. hope that I may receive your reply at least till tomorrow

    Why do you wait till I tell I tell you that I want to end my life because of this fustrated life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Oracle please will you not reply me?????????? I am waiting very eagerly. please Have mercy please


    Is it that now hereafter I will not be getting any reply from you Oracle. So much I am requesting you so much I have written to you but I have not receieved a single reply from you Oracle why is that so. Do you feel that I am making you very bore with writting such things!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you feel that I should not be the member of your group???? that’s why I am not getting any reply from you on my so many wriiten letters to you Oracle. At least reply wheather I should keep a hope from you or not that you will reply me.

    Please reply me. Or if I will not get any reply till tomorrow the Oracle I will never write to you. Sorry if I have disturbed you.  I was very satisfied and happy to talk with you Oracle but today I did not get any answer.

    Still again sorry to disturb.


    User Deleted

    With all your rantings it seems like you are more in need of a shrink than money. Don’t get me wrong, but its irritating to see how many messages you have posted on here to see help from Oracle as if its some God. Instead of wasting your time writing on the websites like that I would suggest go back to your real world and take the problems head on. There is something called insolvency law in India whereby you can get yourself legally insolvent and get rid of debtors. If you can’t do that you can go tell the debtors straight you haven’t gotten any money. Ofcourse, they will try to force you to sell your house or whatever assets you got in order to get their money back but then again its not a bad situation. So long as you are alive, you can always look forward to getting back what you have lost. Posting such messages on the net is not going to be helpful at all as you are not the only one who has got such issues. Everyone in this world has his own load of shit and if every one starts doing what you doing nothing in this world ever be resolved. Get your lazy ass out and try to find out ways to settle the issues in a way that is not detrimental to anyone, not yourself, not your future generations. Courgae is not always fighting enemies on the front, fighting terrorists in the cities, fighting molesters on the streets; courage is what a poor rickshawpuller does, what laboruer on the street does. Inspite of their extreme poverty they manage to keep themselves alive, manage to keep themselves honest, manage to keep themselves fighting. If you want real inspiration, sit with a rickshaw puller for 5 minutes, one who toils hard in scorching heat to provide for his wife and children. Poor people, with honesty in their hearts and determination in their mind to fight the never ending monster of poverty are the real heroes. Stop this non-sense here at once.

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