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will i pass the admission exam???

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    sorry for my bad english

    im truly honest with what im typing right now, please i want to know if im gonna pass the admission test in a certain university, my total average grading when i graduated high school is 83% convert that if you would look at it in a different grading  format,

    my grades(only the majors)

    math(advance algebra)

    1st  grdprd. 84

    2nd grdprd. 82

    3rd grdprd.  77

    4th grdprd.  80


    1st grdprd. 83

    2nd grdprd. 79.70

    3rd grdprd. 84

    4th grdprd. 80


    1st grdprd. 88

    2nd grdprd. 89

    3rd grdprd. 87

    4th grdprd. 84


    1st grdprd. 89

    2nd grdprd. 86

    3rd grdprd. 83

    4th grdprd. 83

    *my status right now

    living in an apartment, sleeping 4-5hrs a day, messed-up biological clock(sleeps at 8pm-1am), iam high myopic (7.5),i dont go out, i dont have friends, i have just recently graduated from high school and im not sporty i do no exercise, but i do excell in video games in the pc platform such as touhou, cs, wow, starcraft, warhammer 40000, and many more you know bullshit like them stupid games(just like any sporty ppl would say)

    2+ months without reviewing anything

    its too  hard if i try to study because i have already forgotten all that i have studied so its going to break my head, but nevertheless i will still try and force myself to study maybe after a week or idont know, btw the admission test will commence on MAy 23and up idont reallyknowbut they said more or less its between those dates

    *my intelligence

    an iq of 87 can go to 60 if im mentally blocked

    i am very forgetful, in a scale of 10 my forgetfulness is 5

    *my health status when taking admission tests( i have already taken from some schools results were 1 out of 2 schools passed)

    very nervous

    i always want to pee(thats why i dont drink anything before taking an admission test)

    please help me i dont know if  i can pass that admissiontest, please tell me what will happen, iam fully responsible for what i will discover  from the revelations your answers would give wether they will hurt my feelings or not

    **mail me if you need more informations


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