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Will my my man and I marry eachother?

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    He is a cusp virgo/libra and i am aquarian. we have a strong connection. I have finally realised that I dont want to be with anyone else but him.

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    So what’s stopping you from making your dream come true? You said you both share a strong connection and you like him the way he is, so what’s that one issue that’s bothering you the most?

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    Not sure about libras or cusp libras/virgos, but virgos will take time for marriage i believe. From what i understand they take their time doing most things, and in the end it seems to be the best way for everyone (even though we may not see it that way at first, they have the best of intentions for themselves and their partners). So if he has more virgo traits im wondering if thats why your asking about whether you will end up marrying this guy? You saying….

     I have finally realised that I dont want to be with anyone else but him.”

    kind of makes me think you were confused at one time, or may have had feelings for someone else perhaps? IF that is not the case simply ignore this part but if it is the case you may have to prove yourself to him and only in time will he see that you only want him. If he has more virgo traits you might be waiting a long time for him to see that:/ And thats IF he believes he is now your one and only. If that isn’t the case then i agree with the person who posted before me, whats stopping you from making this come true?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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