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will the man who reject you come back again

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    i met this guy in the bus 2 months ago and we both got attracted to each other and exchange numbers. after a week he call me for a date and I went. within the 2 months we were on date like 5 times and get very intimate. all went very well and smooth. they wasn’t any negative responses from both of us. he likes me and i like him alot too and in the mid of everything I  have to go for an oversea assignment for 2 weeks and when i came back his reaction towards me was totally different. he was avoiding me and never reply to my text message and refuse to meet. i bought some gift for him from overseas and he refuse to accept them. last night he call me to inform that we are not compatible and he would not be seeing me anymore.  i totally dont understand what was happening. i really love him and i know from his reactions he too loves me but something is holding him and he ask for this break. I am so confused and have no idea at all. i was very depress whole night. those gifts that i got for him, i send to his office address for him to receive since he dont want to meet. My concern is will he come back to me or will he not. 

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