Am I a Leo or a Virgo

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    i was born 23.8.1986 (17:36 PM) and therefore is my problem. in some horoscopes my sun sign is Leo and in others I am a Virgo. i am not really sure which one to look at, so i have expectations in forum’s knowledge 🙂 

    some say that i should look at both, leo and virgo and mix things, and also to look at my ascendant sign which is capricorn. i find this a litlle hard to do because it seems i can exclude some events in horoscope, that i dont like for example, from all 3 signs and i am not sure that is the correct way.

    would anyone know where could i get like a free sample of predictions based on my birthday and not my sun sign so i could see if it is accurate and then i would subscribe to it.

    it is somehow important to me as one astrologer is saying that i am in the midlle of great events (great planetary conjuctions – or something like that)


    thanks for replies!

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    u can also b a cusp wich is when ur born in the border(5days b4 5 days after sign change) my sister is 23 of oct making her a scorpio/ libra but i think cusp usually potray more of the sign the was first inline in my opinion….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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