How would you describe a Leo?

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    do you really think they are egoistic and arrogant?


    Well it depends because Im a leo and can get VERY arrogant at times an so can my sister…although we are not horrible people just open minded and opinionated.


    OF COURSE they are… when growing up i was a bit shy and kept away from others… but the older i get the more i see that my REAL personality is coming out. AND BABAAAAAAAYYYY let me tell you… im definitely arrogant… my sister is a leo as well aly and we TOO are outspoken and two very BRAVE LIONESSes… my opinions mean the WROLD TO ME<<<< lol


    Im sorry but Leo’s are BIG liars. Romantic but BIG liars… Trust me on this!!!


     I do adore to be adored. I can’t help it and it is frequently my down fall. Flattery, attention, and being loved are definitely big on my list and I can be deceived very easily by someone who lavishes me like that. In fact, I have been deceived quite a few times. You would think I would learn my lesson but no.  And I admit that in a relationship I definitely REQUIRE attention. If your not showing me attention for a long period of time, BAD things begin to happen, lol. Don’t be surprised when a temper tantrum heads your way. Don’t get me wrong, I can be the most attentive mate you could ever know, and I will lavish you right back and more so. I spoil the man I am with rotten, but I expect it in return. I want to be treated like the goddess I am. I am possessive too. I try not to be……its not an attractive trait. I can sometimes be jealous if I am not secure in the relationship. I LOVE to be LOVED, and I LOVE to be in LOVE. I approach a loving relationship with passion and pure devotion. I am loyal to a fault. Some of these things sound bad I guess, but the truth hurts. It really is a lot less dramatic than it seems.


    I think Leo’s do enjoy the attention and can be a little dramatic at times. I went out with a Leo and he was incredibly handsome, romantic and SEXY and incredible in bed.


    Sex on legs. I’m so sexy, yeah. I’m so sexy, yeah.


    i am a leo n i an very lovin  n i am a verry jealous n  i am arrogant sometimes lol



    I’m a Leo it can be very demanding,spoiled out spiking,mean, but a sweet heart but don’t cross me u will boat dearly.


    I am a leo girl. This is something i’ve never seen in personality traits of leo but i hate gossipers, show offs and suddenly react when people do injustice to others. we always have our own style.Leos are dramatic but they cant control even if they want to.They are too romantic that they start thinking about their prince charming at the age of five. We may seem like arrogant and egoistic but we have a loving heart deep inside which never gives up for their loved ones. All that u need to do to get a leo is patiently listen to them, understand that they are loyal and lovely. If you try to go above them, they may dislike you. Give them the control because they are born leaders and nobody handles critical situations like them. Dont ever tell your woes to them unless u are there in their circles. They like jolly people.There is a very hard shell of arrogance that a leo has, but deep inside its very tender and gets hurt easily. You can trust a leo blindly because their promise is the real promise. If they are close to you, they may give up anything to save you. They are demanding but most of the time they dont understand it. They just say their views out and want it to be accepted. Dont even dare to think of teasing a leo because the leo will release his revenge with uncontrollable energy which you may not be able to handle. To scare a leo is the hardest of tasks.But leos are irresistable because of their charm and aura. They can make anyone happy is they want to. And deeply hurt too. Remember creativity is their weakness and dont try to express your love by giving then expensive gifts because some leos are brave enough to understand that you are trying hard to get them. They like the confident ones and never the shy ones.Dont ignore a leo at any cost.Truth to be said, they cant be ignored due to their charming personality.Dont flirt with them too much. Just be loyal, trustworthy, understanding, witty [ but never funny].Leo always loves a person who is able to understand him/her deeply.Showering them with praises is good, but try to praise their personality, not the way they look like.for example, u could say ” this dress adds the charm to your personality’ than saying ” u look amazing today” Hope this helps to win your leos heart


    I’m not arrogant, but I just don’t like to talk to everyone. We don’t trust too fast and this is so much better. Leo’s are the best!!!



     a leo 2 n let me tell u I m a girl.. I m very arrogant at times which I dont understand when I m being arrogant.. but aftee something I regret it but I can never apologise for that.. I was not in a leo charecter when I was a kid a small one.. but as I m growing its bring me in my leo character.. we leos jist want someone who deeply understands us n pur feelings.. we want to be loved.. we  are arrogant but we don’t realize it.. we love to be praised.. I don’t know other leos.. but I don’t trust anyone… not even my mother.. I never share my feeling with anyone.. n when I feel suffocated inside n wanna cry out loud.. which I cannot do.. then I just tyoe it for one n tgen delete.. I want someone who loves me.. though we leos don’t show that but we are really very emotional… we never show our emotional to anyone.. we love to give orders but not to take them.. we love to speak.. but we hate to listen.. hopthis helps u.. 

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