From Lovers to Friends? Is it possible?

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    I spent the summer with an awesome woman, and as a typical Pisces, I began to take the relationship more seriously than I probably should have.   She treated me great, probably the first woman in my life that I wasn’t mistreated by.  She was affectionate, appreciative, kind, and giving.  Strong willed, and yet, creative.  She wasn’t a Pisces.   However, we got along great, and spent the last four months with her.

    Well, she’s at a cross roads in her life. Events have culminated now where she has to move to a new appartment or move in with family out of state.  I taking my own experiences in, refuse to move in with someone after just four months of seeing each other. Plus, she has indicated she has no desire to live with me.  So, she’s leaning towards moving a long ways out of state..

    She wants to remain friends on facebook, text, and phone.  Not in a relationship, but, as friends.  As a typical Pisces I have a touch emotional time accepting it’s over and transitioning to friends.  A part of me doesn’t want to remember the times we had because the emotion of loss and grief are so overwhelming.  

    Is it possible to be friends or is it just leading us Piesces on in some form misery that we just can’t really accept that transition?

    I have exes girlfriends I don’t have a choice, but have to talk to in a professional environment.   I keep everything formal, at times, there’s a little bitter mean streak that comes into play from me, but, for the most part, I do everything I can to remain professional and treat her with respect.  And I’m able to manage the emotions. 

    However, being a close friend to someone that we both have strong feelings for each other, just seems like pure torture for both of us.



    Hmmm.. I feel your pain. Pisces here also and going through the same thing only my girl is from another country…


    We have been awesome together since November, we’ve had our arguments but always been fine a day or so later. 

    She is the most amazing person I have ever had in my life and she has helped me grow so much since I met her, especially emotionally. However, on going back home for a short break early January, a guy shes known for a long time told her he wants to be with her and since she’s been back she has been on the fence. Leaning more towards the guy back home because she knows shes going back.

    We’ve had some very intimate times since but now she knows it isn’t long before she’s leaving and she has become quite distant. It’s painful because I already feel like she’s leaving me.

    I have told her I love her but she doesn’t believe me, maybe it’s more she doesn’t want to deal with it I’m not sure. 

    I know deep down that I have to let her go, but it is going against every instinct I have. This really feels like it was meant to be. But I know I have to let her go if that’s what she wants, if it really is meant to be, I have to believe she will come back.

    I’ve told her I will be her friend, forever. Whenever she needs me, I will be there. She told me in return that she wants me in her life forever, but she cant offer more than friendship right now, it was sort of bitter sweet.

    I believe friends can work, it isn’t healthy to hold on and expect only this, but the future, neither of you can tell. Live your life, if it’s meant to be you will be together again some day. Just be the best damn friend she ever had in the mean time, and don’t do what I did in the begining and become too needy. That will only push her further.


    Best of luck!



    Just realised how long ago this was posted. If you read this, let us know how it turned out. 🙂

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