Will my Scorpio come back?

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    I’m a Taurus woman.

    I was in an on and off friendship/relationship with a Scorpio guy for awhile. Some misunderstanding had happened between us, so one day I called him and told him that I wanted the communication to open up between us.  Big mistake by calling him because I believe that he was impulsive and said that he didn’t want a relationship with me we’re just friends. I was really hurt and I assumed it was closure he gave me.  Four weeks later I met him at the club where he normally goes, and he kept looking at me and it seems he wanted my attention but I tried ignoring him.  It seems it also bothered him when another guy was talking to me.  Could he have regretted what he said? is there a chance he will come around again?  He is still showing interest in me.  Some advice please!


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