11th House

The 11th astrological house is called the house of friendship and it represents our social life and the way we interact with society. This house is ruled by the zodiac sign Aquarius and the planets Uranus and Saturn and can also be seen as the house that represents the way that God speaks to us. The 11th house also pushes us towards activities that promote the wellbeing of humankind.

As always, the various planets have their representation in the way the people born in this house express themselves, a good example is the planet sun in the 11th house which gives social influence, although the person may not be comfortable in large groups his/her influence will sure shine through, while the moon in this house will give a deeper sense of inspiration than the sun would. Mercury makes the individual a savant in keeping conversations fluid in public gatherings, while Venus is more concerned with the etiquette and politeness of the individual in social groups. And if you are looking for the odd one out, then that would be Mars – Impatient and resentful when made to follow large groups, and only satisfied when they are in charge.


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