12th House in Astrology : Meaning and 100+ Significations

Primary Significations: body related expenditure, fall, destruction, hospitalization, bed comforts, sexual activities, secrets, foreign travel, right eye

Extended Significations :

11th house from 2nd house : Success in financial wealth, Increase in belongings, Success in speech, Family-friends, well-wishers, removal of obstacles in financial wealth

10th house from 3rd house : Profession of younger siblings, reputation of younger siblings

9th house from 4th house : Maternal grandfather, long journeys to mother, luck of mother, learnings of happiness, asceticism, long term investments

8th house from 5th house : Challenges to children, losses in speculation, past sins, challenges to love affairs, inheritance of children, transformation to children, mysteries related to children, arguments with children

7th house from 6th house : Labour Contractors, rate of interest, curses

6th house from 7th house: diseases to spouse, business debt, business troubles, legal troubles, mistakes, revolt, breaking-law

5th house from 8th house: confusion, lack of clarity, divided opinion, resentment, depression, insurance premiums

4th house from 9th house: Rehab centres, correctional facilities, prison, restrictions, hermitage, Paternal grand mother, happiness through father, Religion, father, vehicles of father

3rd house from 10th house: Business travels, government letters and notices

2nd house from 11th house: belongings of friends, belongings of elderly siblings

This is the house of Secrets, it is also known as the house the instinct, dreams and the unconscious. And as you guessed, it has those names because those are the areas where this house thrives. The 12th house is ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune and this is one of the most dangerous houses as it is here that we find the deeper levels of our mind. It is the final house in the zodiac wheel and deals with the unseen realm, our inner world and unseen aspects of our lives.

Although the 12th house is often overlooked as insignificant, that is only a misconception, we must know that the unconscious rules the conscious, and this house helps in the process of positive transformation, it brings us face to face with the consequences of our past actions, even the ones that no one else knows, and bends us to look toward the future with growth in mind. Pisces rules this house, however, the various planet have their effects in this house as well. The sun may cause you to either suppress your self-expression or transform you through subtle and creative self-expression depending on where the sun falls.


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