1st House in Astrology : Meaning and 100+ Significations

Primary Significations: Self, face, personality, physical appearance, overall health, head, glory and location.

Extended Significations:

12th house from 2nd house: Financial losses and expenses, loss of belongings, speech troubles, problems of left eye, loss of close ones (living under the same roof), problems related to food, secret financial transactions, thoughts, family secrets

11th house from 3rd house: Gains and success to younger siblings, gains through media and communication, rewards of courage, rewards of short journeys, friends and social circle of younger siblings, gains from books and publishing, gains from sales skills, social circle in sales and media

10th house from 4th house: Profession of mother, reputation of mother, size of home and property, Profession related to housing and property, Profession related to vehicles, Profession related to underground water, Profession and reputation of extended family (relatives that are close but live elsewhere)

9th house from 5th house: Religious association of children, higher learning of children, advanced knowledge of movies and cinema, education in religion, advanced knowledge of speculation, long distance love affairs, long journeys of children, intuitions, good deeds of children, role model of children, teachers of children, medicine and cures for children, special powers and patents of children, luck of children, long journeys related to speculation, edge or advantage in speculation, innovation that helps people, luck in speculation

8th house from 6th house: separation from pets and servants, end of secret enemies, end of diseases, transformation to job and routines, repayment of debt, arguments with service providers, break in daily routines

6th house from 8th house: Death by secret enemies or servants, death from diseases, problems to joint financial assets, problems to (or through) research, curses and shame

5th house from 9th house: Children of teachers, festivals and celebrations, speculation of father, love affairs of father, love affairs of teachers

4th house from 10th house: Reason and Purpose of Profession, Office, Source of fame and recognition, government vehicles and property, happiness and comforts through government and authorities, comforts through profession

3rd house from 11th house: communication with elder siblings, short journeys of/with friends and elderly siblings, skills of elderly siblings, interactions with friends, courage of friends

2nd house from 12th house: wealth and safety deposits in foreign places, foreign foods, family’s foreign links

The first astrological house governs everything that comes first, it is often said that first impressions matter, well, the first house represents how others perceive you and your appearance. This house represents ‘self’, so it includes things like your view on life, your image and early life experiences. The first house is also called the house of life, unsurprisingly so since it is one of the most important houses in astrology, also known as an angular house which influences the signs more than other houses. This is not the only angular house though, the 4th house, the 7th and the 10th are also angular houses.

When signs are in the first house, they may become more self-centred and place more emphasis on their outer and inner image. The various planets have different effects on the first house, for instance, when the sun is in there, people have a high tendency for more self-acceptance, while the moon on the other hand strengthens people’s emotions. Venus will make people in the first house more concerned about their appearance,  while Mercury makes them focus more on their inner personality traits, like self-reflection. With these, we can see that even though it seems the house is focused on self, different planets project that focus differently.

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