1st House or Ascendant

The first astrological house governs everything that comes first, it is often said that first impressions matter, well, the first house represents how others perceive you and your appearance. This house represents ‘self’, so it includes things like your view on life, your image and early life experiences. The first house is also called the house of life, unsurprisingly so since it is one of the most important houses in astrology, also known as an angular house which influences the signs more than other houses. This is not the only angular house though, the 4th house, the 7th and the 10th are also angular houses.

When signs are in the first house, they may become more self-centred and place more emphasis on their outer and inner image. The various planets have different effects on the first house, for instance, when the sun is in there, people have a high tendency for more self-acceptance, while the moon on the other hand strengthens people’s emotions. Venus will make people in the first house more concerned about their appearance,  while Mercury makes them focus more on their inner personality traits, like self-reflection. With these, we can see that even though it seems the house is focused on self, different planets project that focus differently.


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