2nd House

The second astrological house is called the house of possessions, it is the first of the Succedent houses and it is naturally ruled by the planet Venus. As its name suggests, this house covers money and possessions,  think of any possession a person can have and the second house covers it, except one – The House. So if you want to know what guides your attitude towards wealth and possessions, how you accumulate and spend them, then this is the house in charge of that. As babies learn possessiveness quite early, it is believed that this house follows in that order.

As in the first house and other houses, the various planets in the 2nd house have different effects: Venus the ruling house makes people focus more on the most attractive things, whether its skills, or objects, or traits like being artistic and fashionable – as long as it helps them make more money.

When Mars is in this house people show off their most valued traits more than objects they possess, and with Pluto, material items weigh more than other fancy possessions. The second house gives room for an individual to judge for him/herself what is more valuable in life.


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