3rd House in Astrology : Meaning and 100+ Significations

Primary Significations: Younger siblings, communication, courage, short journeys, younger siblings, semen, writing, analysis, skills, sales

Extended Significations:

12th house from 4th house: Medical bills related to mother, home renovation and maintenance, vehicle repairs and maintenance, selling property and vehicles, problems related to home and vehicles, mental troubles

11th house from 5th house: Gains and success of children, friends of children, gains through creativity, gains through movies and cinema, gains through speculation, gains through chief executives

10th house from 6th house:

9th house from 7th house: business schools, long distance partnerships, long distance business

8th house from 8th house: problems related to joint financial assets, mysterious problems

7th house from 9th house: business related to religion, coaching, tuitions, tour operators, stock brokers, lottery brokers, herbalist, pharmacist, royalties and commissions

6th house from 10th house: bad mouthing, colleagues, co-workers, troubles due to government and authorities, fines and penalties, work place challenges

5th house from 11th house: niece and nephews

4th house from 12th house: root cause of physical ailments, ambulances

2nd house from 2nd house: Advertising, Marketing

The 3rd astrological house is the house of communication, it governs the mind and intellect, and your communication style depending on your planet and location of birth. Gemini rules this house.

It doesn’t matter what form of communication you utilise, as long as it can be classified as communication, the 3rd House influences it, including interactions between people and the environment. And since you cannot communicate effectively without first understanding information, this house takes care of that too.


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