4th House in Astrology: Meaning and 100+ Significations

Primary Significations: Mother, home, roots, root cause, property, emotional stability, primary education, vehicles, underground water, extended family (relatives that are close but live elsewhere), happiness, comforts

Extended Significations:

12th house from 5th house: Medical bills related to children, challenges to kids, sexual activities of children, secrets of children, foreign travel of children, traditional, losses in speculation, animosity in love affairs, secret lover, sexual activities with lovers

11th house from 6th house: gains through employees, destruction of secret enemies, gains from services, gains from employment, repayment of debt, destruction of diseases, promotion in job

10th house from 7th house: kingdom, palaces, partnerships with government and authorities, business brand

9th house from 8th house: knowledge of anti-aging

8th house from 9th house: Challenges related to religion and religious figures, death of father, arguments with father, challenges to father, weakness of power, difficulties in long journeys

7th house from 10th house: PR business

6th house from 11th house: Problems of gains, hard earned gains, troubles to friends, solitude, diseases of elder siblings, debt of elder siblings, unpaid salary for job.

5th house from 12th house: love affair with foreigners

3rd house from 2nd house: Financial wealth of younger siblings, communication with younger siblings, communication with family, records of family possessions, short journeys with family

2nd house from 3rd house:

This largely emotional house is the house of Home, it also represents family, and anything that makes us feel at home, it represents our deepest parts that help us find connection with another human being, not just like the 11th house in a social sense, but more unconditionally, like one between parents and children, and between siblings. The 4th house is ruled by the Cancer zodiac sign and the moon. This house is so powerful that the traits from this house are hereditary. Everything about this house is about family and nurturing the closeness that keeps families together. However, the downside to this house is the fact that it can make one averse to change, holding strongly to the ways that one has known all their lives.

The sun in this house makes the individual appreciate the good times and let go of the bad times as ingredients of their present state. The moon makes the individual more appreciative of their mother or a maternal figure and encourages them to seek their continued support. Mercury in the fourth house helps with the communication aspect of keeping the family together, the individual would want to talk things through.


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