8th House

This house which rules over sex and death also rules over the entry into the spirit world, it rules over the occult and magic. Furthermore, the 8th house also rules over money, inheritance and wills. People in this house find it easy to get loans and grants, but their weakness shows when it is time to pay back. This house is ruled by the planet Pluto, and the zodiac sign Scorpio. The 8th house is largely spiritual, so although sex is pleasurable, in this house sex is treated as a spiritual exercise between two individuals and even the climax is seen as a little death. 

In the 8th house, the sun and the moon give similar effects in the individuals born here, they are deeply committed to their relationships and partners, however for the sun, it is easier for the chart bearer to appreciate the boundaries of having a healthy relationship while shining on their own, with the moon, they often get lost in their partners. But thankfully, Mercury in this house helps to draw the individual out of the realm of deep unexpressed emotions to consciousness, and Venus makes it all better by helping 8th house chart bearers to deal with loss easier, not expecting much from the world.


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