9th House in Astrology : Meaning and 100+ Significations

Primary Significations: Religion, father, higher learning, long journeys, luck, good deeds, career role, medicines and cures, gains from research, patents, special powers, higher studies, teachers, spirituality, code of conduct

Extended Significations:

12th house from 10th house : loss of reputation, loss of profession, career difficulties

11th house from 11th house : Success of friends, gains of/from friends, success of elder siblings, gains of/from elder siblings, friends of friends, society, social network

10th house from 12th house:

8th house from 2nd house: big losses, destruction of wealth, loss of food, loss of belongings, problems related to speech, challenges related to family, transformation to family, transformation to wealth and belongings

7th house from 3rd house: spouse of younger siblings

6th house from 4th house: diseases related to mother, mother’s debt, home loans, vehicle loans

5th house from 5th house: children, romantic partners of children

4th house from 6th house : comforts and happiness through employees, comforts and happiness through pets, happiness through job, domestic help, viral diseases, viral marketing

3rd house from 7th house: younger siblings of spouse, communication with spouse, short journey to spouse, business trips, business correspondence

2nd house from 8th house :

This naturally curious house is known for one question “Why”, and it is unsurprising since this is the house of Spirituality. This house helps to explore one’s relationship with the world and chart bearers of the 9th House follow the adventure to the ends of the earth. The spiritual proclivities of this house will find its individuals doing everything possible to satisfy their innate curiosity. So when they are not surfing the internet, they are taking part in events that draw them closer to an understanding of life on a deeper level. This house is ruled by the planet Jupiter and the zodiac sign Sagittarius. 

Although this house makes for the most travellers, the best travellers are those who fall under the planets Sun and moon in the 9th House, they love to experience new places. However for the ninth-house moons, they take it a step further, they love to have conversations with people of differing opinions because they find it interesting. Jupiter in the 9th House dominates others when expressing its views, meanwhile, those with Neptune in their chart embrace a host of worldviews because they don’t want to be cornered into one.


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