9th House

This naturally curious house is known for one question “Why”, and it is unsurprising since this is the house of Spirituality. This house helps to explore one’s relationship with the world and chart bearers of the 9th House follow the adventure to the ends of the earth. The spiritual proclivities of this house will find its individuals doing everything possible to satisfy their innate curiosity. So when they are not surfing the internet, they are taking part in events that draw them closer to an understanding of life on a deeper level. This house is ruled by the planet Jupiter and the zodiac sign Sagittarius. 

Although this house makes for the most travellers, the best travellers are those who fall under the planets Sun and moon in the 9th House, they love to experience new places. However for the ninth-house moons, they take it a step further, they love to have conversations with people of differing opinions because they find it interesting. Jupiter in the 9th House dominates others when expressing its views, meanwhile, those with Neptune in their chart embrace a host of worldviews because they don’t want to be cornered into one.


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