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Sample Questions and Answers –

Career Overview:

Saturn with Sun – It indicates government employment or benefits from government authorities or some authoritative or administrative work. Mercury is the planet of communication and computers. You are very practical and always utilize this quality whenever you undertake any work. You have very good management skills. Since you can influence people, it is easy for you to tackle problems and get success in the public domain. The tenth house in the Jupiter implies that you will get a lot of success in your life and will be financial secure all your life. Your fortune will mainly come from the work of your professional life. Service, traveling or movement, sales job, liaison work are good career options.

I would like to know exactly what type of career i’m going to pursue and also what time will it be most successful.

You have Jupiter in your 10th house of career and profession with its lord Sun in 3rd house of communication with Mercury and Saturn.


With so many planetary influences, you may find yourself changing your profession frequently. Overall, Job and Service sector is the one for you. You can make a good career in Law and Politics. Not necessarily a lawyer but administration, sales or liaison work in government. There is also possibility of delays in getting close to your dream career. There may be some inclination towards singing and arts.


2016 will be turn around time for your career. Year 2025 and 26 will get you lots fame, recognition and financial fortune.



Will I become famous?

Jupiter is in 10th house of fame. Yes you will be famous but not as much like a national celebrity. You will always be recognized and respected in your peer group and social circle.


How much money will i make from my career?

With Venus in 2nd house of wealth and Jupiter in 10th house of achievements. Expect to have a financially secure life with comforts of all kinds – house, cars, international travel and family inheritance. You should spend in accordance to your income and try not to go overboard with your expenditure. You believe that love should be expressed through tangible things like gifts. You love to lead a luxurious life.



Will i relocate to another city or country and if so where?

Yes you will leave your city of birth and settle down in some other city. You would also settle in some other country atleast 2 times for 1 to 2 years and then come back. I am unable to pinpoint names of these places for you.



Also when and where will I first meet my spouse?

You will likely meet love of your life in year 2017 and get married by 2018. I see that you may find her in some other country through your work/profession (or she may be from other country in the same office). I am unable to pinpoint names of these places for you.


What type of girl will my spouse be?


She is fascinated with the material aspect of life. She can appreciate things that are beautiful. She possess excellent skill of distinguishing between the right and the wrong. During the early stages of life she will start to understand the value of money, and will be inclined in the area of finance. So, she gives a lot of importance to the quality when she is about to spend her money or time. She believes that love should be expressed through tangible things like gifts. She loves to lead a luxurious life. She will be very possessive about the people who are close to her. She may not have good voice. She takes a lot of time before taking the plunge into a relationship.



Will the marriage last forever?

I see some disturbances due to 7th lord of partner in 2nd house with Mars and Rahu (Moon’s North Node) but stability due to positive Jupiter aspect on 2nd house. The relationship will be testing when there are hard transiting aspects of Saturn. Rest be assured it will be long lasting.


How long will i live?

You will live more than 65 years of age.


What should i expect from the month of December 2014 in detail?

December, 2014


A time when you will truly need to “walk the talk”, stand by your beliefs and convictions. You will have a lot on your plate and most of it will pertain to money — both for immediate needs and future gains. Financial matters become important or at least the main focus, but good moves have to be thought out. Property and possessions, rentals, funds, investments, and even cash transactions. There may be profits or income from property, land and real estate. Don’t try for fast cash or the quick buck. That doesn’t last and can give you a sense of false security. In fact, you might just be barking up the wrong tree in terms of career or personal gains through sheer pride or ego. Back your own judgment, but do so with caution and restraint. You know instinctively what works best for you. Just go ahead sensibly, keeping your own counsel as far as possible.

There can be some restlessness when it comes to money and spending it–you are more inclined to want more things around you! Financial security and enjoyment of the good things in life are important to you, although you also value simple pleasures. The ability to relate well with others might enhance your own personal finances during this period. This is a stable position for love matters and close relationships. You value those who make you feel comfortable, and familiarity is more important to you than someone new.

You may be especially busy serving responsibilities and communicating with others. You may also tend to have a more pushy, self-centered or provocative communication style. As such, discussions may become intense, or they may turn into arguments. If latter is the case, it’s likely because you are taking things very personally right now, or because you are deliberately imposing your beliefs and ideas. There might be an issue that might raise confrontations or requires compromise with someone. Extra caution is advised in driving or anything related to transportation.

You have goals in life, but you may be going about trying to attain these goals all wrong. The social circle you are becoming involved with is only trouble and will result in bad consequences if you continue conversing with them. Your ability to change will be extremely useful right now. The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.

As you strive to increase your awareness and knowledge, keep in mind that hurdles will appear and you will have to learn to get around them the best you can. Try to stay more humble in your approach in dealing with such hurdles. It takes time to learn anything, and it is impossible to know everything, yet it is good to become a little less ignorant. If we do so to some extent, the result is worthwhile.



What should i expect from the year of 2015 in detail?

Saturn conjunction ASC: January/February 2015

As responsibility increases for you now, you will see the need to revisit the people and situations in your life. Those who prohibit growth for you will simply be severed making room for those who will support and contribute to what you strive for. This includes personal relationships you are in. Your practical sense will cause you to challenge all relationships you are involved in and end any connection that is not beneficial for you no matter how cold you may seem in doing so.

Although you will feel that the responsibilities are quite cumbersome and work takes your time away be sure to take time to stay close to ones who are closest to you. This time will be important and perhaps necessary for you, otherwise you may feel depressed and alone. Advice from elders or authority figures is also beneficial for you so take advantage of this now. They will be able to shed some light on the shadows of your life and help you push forward to what you desire most.

Your time is very valuable right now and each minute will need to be portioned out between work, family and friends. Be sure to focus your work time on finishing up existing projects rather than starting new ones. Keeping your cool in tough situations is not enough anymore. You seem to be losing sight of what is important to you in your life. Concentrate on getting back to what is real and true to YOU.


Saturn sextile Sun: March/April 2015

Take this time to start laying the foundation for you and a better future. Look toward what you’ve been building and stem off from it. Not so much luck, but the ability to pursue the next best thing that comes along. As long as you put forth the effort and stamina you possess you will be rewarded very nicely with such opportunities. When life demands your time and effort, then give it just what it is asking for.

Along with your assets you can add a healthy reputation that you have worked hard to get. As hard as it was to get to where you are, it can be very easily crumbled also so watch your step. Protect what you have worked toward and be mindful in what you promise. Don’t over compromise yourself. You inspire others quite easily and you will be able to use this later in the future.

Create a basis for a better tomorrow. Look toward authority figures or business colleagues. They will help you create what you are working so hard to achieve. Love interests could surface and your health is strong but do not take such things for granted. Do not slack now thinking you have time to do so. There will be time to sit back and enjoy life in due time. Keep building on these strong points and you will have a good strong start to a better life.


Jupiter trine Venus: May/June 2015

Your optimism and self confidence flows into others, making them happier and wanting to be around you. The things you do for others will come back to you in the future. Keep things light in this transition, especially new love or new partnerships. It is more than likely a passing affair and might not last long.

You may be coming into a financial gain through this phase. Be careful not to be so lazy that you are careless in your spending. It will not always be so easily attainable. Just because you have it does not mean you should spend it. What you feel you ‘have to have’ now, may make you cringe after this transition is over. The best and most efficient way you can use your new found money is through investment. This way you’ll be sure to have some for future use if need be.

Your creativity will also seem to flow much easier for you now. Use your resources in trying to get recognized and it will prove positive for you. Look into the arts, culture, grants, fund raisers, education and even legal matters. All of these areas are favorable for you. Once you’ve done the mental work, there comes a point you have to throw yourself into the action and put your heart on the line. That means not only being brave, but being compassionate towards yourself, your teammates and your opponents.


Jupiter trine Rahu: July/August 2015

Your values in life seem to match those around you. Your ability to go with the flow and importance in your social atmosphere is highly beneficial. Your religious and moral values are up there as well. This shows a very well rounded and positive image in the eyes of everyone around you which will bring opportunity your way. With this available opportunity comes an increase in financial gains as well as heightened expenditures. Be mindful in over doing things in this field as you may tend to experience great financial losses in the end.

In your endeavors in making great things happen, if your monetary bottom line does not prove positive for you then look toward other areas. You may not be so fortunate with material gains as much as you may be with your spiritual or philosophical beliefs. This will be directly related to experiences you are in and people you connect with. But also be aware that you will have others on your side who believe greatly in the path you choose to take and will even tend to lend a helping hand where needed.

You tire over every detail and try to be perfect. This is not necessary. You put in your hard working hours and success will come to you. Take a breath, travel, reconnect with long distance friends or family. Don’t worry so much over reaching your goals.

Jupiter trine Mars: September/October, 2015

Reaching your goals will become much easier because of the intense energy your body is creating. Strive further than you’ve ever done before. Don’t just reach for your desires, go beyond them. Your honesty and self confidence will also help you down this path, increasing your respect from others and keeping your integrity strong as well. Your sincerity exudes you and flows out toward others. As trust builds, use this time to settle bad karma that you may have.

Creativity will flow very easily. Feel the drive it gives you and explore the possibilities that are out there waiting for you to dive into. Settle old debts or legal matters. Between reaching higher goals, you will also be able to settle current disputes with ease and smooth wavy waters with those you’ve had problems with. Your joint relationships will be going very well. You now to pay attention to the details that go along with such a relationship. Continue your research in building on this and the benefits will continue to grow.

Enthusiasm, good health, strength, confidence, positive attitude — all of these attributes are coursing through you now. Become physical, active and adventurous. You are feeling the energy and positive flow through your soul and your health is very good. Don’t just believe in something, do something about it. It is the perfect time. Be inventive and don’t hold your enthusiasm back. You have an inner contentment and a positive outlook that will get you far in the decisions you make.

Jupiter conjunction Jupiter: November/December, 2015

New ideas and opportunities will be presented to you and will increase your position or at least give you so many more options. You have learned to heal from past destructions and are ready to get on with your life. Reflect over and over again on what makes us human inside and build on this to gain unwavering trust and find your self-confidence. It is important to realize early on that life is not easy, in order to make the best of it and not to lose courage when problems arise, it is essential to acquire inner strength.

As you feel the need to give so much more of yourself to others worldwide, you will also feel the increase in what you desire and demand. Personal gain can still be accomplished as you give to others as long as there is a nice balance between the two. Try to keep in mind that what you give is what you get. You should be fine as long as you keep your enthusiasm and your positive nature.

Increase education, meet new people who will benefit you, look for new ideas and opportunities and settle legal matters. It is your time to grow and flourish. Be sure to look enthusiastically into the next best thing. Do not wait for something bigger and better. Gambling with decisions now may be detrimental. You may miss out and be left with nothing at all.

Music as a hobby or music as a profession (for money) –

In your birth chart, planet Venus is in 2nd house of voice and aspected by its lord Jupiter. This is a very good combination for musicians, singers and artists who take music as a hobby. As far as music as a profession (for money) is concerned we need more favourable combinations that are not present in your chart. Further Mercury and Venus have their degrees less than 10 making it more difficult to make good money through music.
My conclusion – You can be famous with your hobby but may find it hard to make sustainable money through it. It can be a part time profession adding to your main income.


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