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I’m 32 years old and have 2 wonderful little boys with the love of my life, Billy Martin… We’ve been together for almost 17 years now… I’ve been with this man every since I was 16 years old and we was 29… We’ve now got 3 wonderful kids together, 1 girl and 2 little boys… Our daughter is going on 20, and she’s blessed us both with 2 perfectly handsome grandsons… So we are both very proud to be called maw-maw and paw-paw and neither of us would change that for the world… Our daughter is fixing to be turning 20 in February, our oldest son “Caleb” will be 16 on our anniversary May 22… He was our 1 year anniversary gift to each other…. And last but definitely not least is our baby of the bunch, “Gauge”, and he’ll be 13 next month, just 5 days before Christmas Day… I also have to let it be known that he’s always been there for me every time that things got tough and he’s never walked out on any of our kids, he’s always put me and our kids before anything or anybody else in the world, including his self and they just don’t make many men like that anymore… I’ve been raising kids every since I was 12 years old… That’s when our little girl came into my life and she needed me to become her mommy more than anything else she had ever needed in her life… I took her in as my own when I was only 12, and she had just turned 6 months old… She knew me as her mommy and my dad as her daddy and neither of us would’ve had it any other way in the world… Then when she was only 2 years old, that’s when I met the love of my life, “Billy”… He knew that she was the first thing in my life, and he still stayed with me and her both and refused to walk out on the 2 of us… I love him just as much today as I ever have, and he’s always going to be the only man for me and he’ll always be the only person that I will ever be in love with… He holds the key to my whole entire heart and he always will… I couldn’t have been more blessed in my life and I could not ever ask God for more than what he’s gave me and I thank him for that each and every day that I wake up…

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