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My name is Regina, I am a 35 year old, loving mother of 11 children total, including my step-children (which I honestly, dislike using the word “step”-children!! I feel that word should be disinvented cuz I look at them like I would my own children!! Period!! I feel that, that’s how ALL families should be, in my own personal opinion!!)  I love my family, and all my friends!! I love meeting new people, and making new, long-lasting, forever, kind of friendships!! I love ALL animals, and really, I feel I’m just a big humanitarian! I believe that we were brought here from a higher power, and I love our Father!! I personally believe in God!! I feel that we should all try to love, laugh, learn, and teach others, all that we know!! To pass all of our knowledge, onto our children, and all of our loved ones, and all others, so that way, our children’s future, our future  generations to come, will live happier, longer, healthier lives with lots of love for one another!! I want to finish my schooling  to become a nurse to help others preferably children cuz they are our future!! I love the outdoors, I love fishing, camping, swimming, hiking, cooking,  learning about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING LITERALLY!! I’m very spontaneous and adventurous!! I have some college background but was put on bed rest for going into labor early, and still need to enroll again once my life gets more stable again after my grandmother, uncle, father, sister, and then my mother passing away and my children out of my custody from lies, and tricks, and just pure dishonesty from their fathers, lawyers, and family whom I trusted with our lives!! So, after I’m able to get my life to become more stable, and in order, where I’m emotionally, and mentally more healthy, and stable, and on track, then I can work on getting my life back in order, and get back into school, and finish my degree! Then, I can allow a man into my life, and possibly, start a new relationship, and allow him to become a part of my current family!! I’m currently living in Anchorage, AK moving to FL, (where 4 of my children are) and I need to work on getting a job, and a place, and a vehicle, before I move there!! So that way, when I get there, I’ll have all my bases covered instead of me moving there before and then something happens where I’m right back where I am now but without any help or a backup plan!!

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Native American, White