Affirmations for Success, Positive Thinking and Inspiration


Affirmations are used by people in order to reach all types of purposes, be it reprogramming the subconscious to believe in specific things, or even to create reality around us in any way we desire. Such affirmations can sounds somewhat like this: “Each day that passes I’m becoming a better and better person”, or “I love the whole universe and I’m open to its abundance and bliss”.

Affirmations of this nature have tremendous value, for it’s in the subconscious that reality is manifested and affected, and what we believe to be true about others or ourselves can deeply impact the outcome of all events.

If we feel good about ourselves and have positivity radiating from our souls, our lives run effortlessly like no obstacles exist at all while chaos disappears giving space for a more positive interaction and love from others. Whenever we feel bad about ourselves and negativity is pulling us down, we raise solid walls that unable wise choices to happen and keep distance from the people around us, while increasing the chance of saying and doing things we don’t really want to.

If a person has serious problems dealing with anger, it’s very good for him or her to constantly affirm and remind the subconscious that there’s no need to take what others say so personally, or react by impulse. The moment we allow the outside reality to define how we feel about ourselves, it’s crucial to remind ourselves that happiness is nothing but a choice and it’s up to us to decide how we want to feel – sad or happy?

And, for instance, if a person is heavily self-centered and selfish, always ends up having and maintaining relationships that give no pleasure whatsoever, so  that person would take great benefit from remind himself of how important it is to have a generous spirit and to be open to others so everyone can share common blessings and grow together.

Affirmations for a better life

Imagine affirmations as simple and effective statements that can be created on purpose to change certain things in our life, or they can happen spontaneously like when we say to ourselves that something is frightening us. The thing about affirmations is that they affect so much our behavior that we can put them to great use!

Just like the constant falling of water drops on a rock, the first drops might not do much, but after a while the solid rock starts becoming worn out by the delicate drops of water. We follow our lives in absolute connection with our beliefs, and for instance we learned to believe that a shiny and sharp metal object might end up cutting us if we’re not careful enough. Such approach didn’t come randomly; it was developed as we grew up and created our belief system that defines how we perceive the world.

A child that is still developing his belief system might touch a knife in a playful way and end up cutting himself because his system of beliefs hasn’t yet become strong to inform him beforehand how to interact with reality, and that’s why parents have the role of teaching their little ones the right way to see the world. As the small child’s belief system develops, he’ll know that touching sharp things needs to be done with caution and will end up avoiding playful behavior with knives – this a clear example of how affirmations work slowly but effectively.

In the subconscious mind it’s where all our beliefs are stored, just like when a person is certain that there’s no way he’ll ever make a lot of money, or that if he makes a lot of money he’ll spend it in stupid ways – these beliefs are imprinted in the subconscious mind by affirmations such as “I am a nobody, I don’t deserve to make a lot money” or “I hate money” – so if a person wants to change his or her beliefs, work must be done at the very core of the subconscious mind.

Picture the subconscious mind as your personal computer – it receives some kind of input, processes the signal and gives an output, but if never really thinks by itself! A personal computer is unable to understand if a certain thing is good or bad, so if we give a bad or infected file to the computer, it will accept it and process it just like it would with a good file.

For this reason you grew up with your mother’s words echoing in your mind, telling you  how much you should avoid bad companied and always stick with the good ones – good companies reinforce us with good thoughts, good examples of how to act. Being surrounded by such positivity affects our subconscious minds and is then reflected on our thoughts and course of action. If you want to be a good person, always be surrounded by good people!

How to use positive affirmations?

If you learn good and effective tips on how to use positive affirmations, your reality will be affected much more quickly and for much longer, so here are some for you:

  • Say your affirmations with a smile on your face, for nothing can convince the mind that something is great than a wide and contagious smile. Or put your right hand over your heart as you do so.
  • Get some colored pieces of paper and write down your affirmations on them. Then post them around the house in places that you go often.
  • Say your affirmation out loud if you want to affect your subconscious in an even stronger way. If you feel that you are lacking the proper conviction, use volume to compensate!
  • Turn the habit of using affirmations into a routine, for affirmations must be used daily in order to reprogram the mind.
  • Allow these affirmations to act on your beliefs, turn them into your very own religion. The more you believe them to be true, the more effective they become. Allow them to refill you with a sense of well-being as you envision them spreading through your body and empowering your soul.
  • For some people it works best to turn affirmations into a chant that can be sung, for this way they can easily memorize them and repeat them equally everyday – just like those catchy commercial songs that you can’t stop repeating in your mind.
  • Don’t just say them; allow your actions to reflect the progress you’re making.

Creating your own affirmations

Because effective affirmations are not just up to how you use them, but also how you make them, it can be a wise choice to allow someone with greater experience than you to help you through the writing process, and soon you’ll become capable of making great positive affirmations of your own. If you want to start right away, take these tips in your mind:

  • Keep it positive – Say “I am a good person”, not “I am not a bad person anymore”
  • Live the now – Say “I love myself”, not “I want to love myself”
  • Plausible and believable – Say “My friends love me”, not “Everyone loves me”
  • Keep it effective – Say “I am succeeding in my career”, not “I am succeeding in becoming the best employee because I am doing all my tasks very well and always respect deadlines…”
  • Happy thoughts – Say “I am loving to be alive”, not “It’s OK to be alive”

Conclusion and final words

By turning affirmations into a spiritual practice, we become liberated from the false ideas we projected about ourselves and reality, and at the same time become aligned with the deeper divine truth by understanding how powerfully we can affect both our world and the world around us.

Positive affirmations go beyond seeing things in a different perspective, for by practicing it daily shows us ways to gain power over how we perceive the world and makes us understand that it’s actually our responsibility and individual choice.

Every single day we are injected with negative messages that make us feel stress, violence, fear, confusion, anger, depression, and so many other destructive emotions and affects that we start caring less and less about the real and enlightened layers of nature and reality without even being aware that we are in such downwards spiral.

But things don’t have to be like that and it’s up to us stopping and eliminating all this negativity flying around us and dragging us down. It’s never too late to empower ourselves and stop being the victims of a society that is less and less humane and completely unfocused on the truly righteous actions and worthy goals in life.

By taking a few moments every day to communicate to ourselves what our ideals are and to remind our subconscious that we should stay calm, focused and always communicate with others full of love and compassion, we eliminate the negativity from our lives and create a strong foundation for fear to stop ruling our actions and desires.


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